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2019 August.
2019 Aug.2: What Makes a Planet Good or Bad in Astrology?
2019 Aug.4: Mercury and Venus: The Little Guys Doing Twice the Work
2019 Aug.8: Vulcan and our Binary Sun System
2019 Aug.12: Bare Bones Astrology
2019 Aug.15: A New Planet is Forming Between Mercury and the Sun
2019 Aug.21: Your Ascendant as a "Feeler"
2019 Aug.22: Your Personal, Social, Professional, and Private Planets
2019 Aug.24: Orgasm and the Length of Life
2019 Aug.26: The Midheaven Mystery
2019 Aug.28: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez chart

2019 July.
2019 July 3: Flat Earth and the Four Root Races
2019 July 5: Subjective and Objective Types in Astrology
2019 July 6: Primordial, Individual, and Universal Types in Astrology
2019 July 9: Neighbouring Sign Pairs in Astrology
2019 July 12: Humans Should Be Larger And Longer-Lived
2019 July 15: Gal Gadot Chart
2019 July 18: We Should Only Eat What Grows On Trees
2019 July 21: David Cassidy Chart
2019 July 24: The Numerology of Food
2019 July 29: Rahu is Not Uranus!

2019 June.
2019 June 2: Astrology Should Be Taught In Schools
2019 June 5: The Modern Planets Are Real - Face It!
2019 June 12: Is Marriage For Everyone?
2019 June 16: Sillent Letters in Numerology
2019 June 19: Cusps and Interceptions in Astrology
2019 June 21: What Is Your Primary Drive In Life?
2019 June 25: Ephemeris for 2012 VP113 Dwarf Planet
2019 June 26: Ephemeris for 2015 TG387 Dwarf Planet
2019 June 27: What Is That Next To The Sun?
2019 June 28: Failed Relationships According To Astrology
2019 June 30: House Linkage In Astrology

2019 May.
2019 May.3: The Real Birth Chart of Modern Italy
2019 May.7: Locality and Personal Expression
2019 May.7: The Pluto in Cancer Generaton(1912-1939) is Dying
2019 May.13: The Coming Great Plasma Event
2019 May.18: Which Astrological Signs Do You Look Up To?
2019 May.22: New Celeb Charts Section
2019 May.31: The Double Rulership Scheme in Astrology

2019 April.
2019 Apr.1: The Leo/Pisces Special Relationship
2019 Apr.3: Has Our History Been Faked?
2019 Apr.5: Using Local Space To Rectify Your Chart
2019 Apr.10: An Astrological Look at the Modern Family Show
2019 Apr.13: Sofia Vergara's Birth Time and Local Space Astrology
2019 Apr.16: Local Space within Astrolocality
2019 Apr.17: A New Respect For The Astrological Houses
2019 Apr.27: Earth Within Greater Earth

2019 March.
2019 Mar.04: Uranus Moves into Taurus
2019 Mar.05: Mercury in Pisces: the Occultist
2019 Mar.11: Mars in the Sixth House: Heal Thyself
2019 Mar.17: Jobs and Astrology
2019 Mar.19: Hypatia of Alexandria
2019 Mar.21: What is the True Shape of the Earth?
2019 Mar.23: Windows 7 Support Ends In 2020
2019 Mar.27: Your Car Has A Birthday!
2019 Mar.30: Distant Dwarf 2018 VG18

2019 Feb.
2019 Feb.12: Orbs in Astrolocality
2019 Feb.14: Fun with Asteroids
2019 Feb.19: The Problem with the Angles
2019 Feb.21: The Earth and Sky in Astrology
2019 Feb.22: Physical Beauty in the Birth Chart
2019 Feb.23: The Astrological Tree of Life
2019 Feb.27: Dante's Hell and Inner Earth

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