The Last Great Reset
Resets appear to occur every hundred years or so and always involve depopulation through wars, pandemics, chemicals, poisons, and other means. The last one was the Spanish Flu(1918-1921), and the current one began in March of 2020. The aim of these resets is to maintain population control as well as provide the controllers of this world with human sources of food, entertainment, and regenerative bio products.

We must understand that this is still Satan's world and that He hates humanity and that an uneasy peace is maintained through our governments and corporations who act as middlemen between the demonic forces and humans. By secretly providing these evil forces with a certain amount of human fodder, they are given power and priveleges, and the rest of humanity is spared. This is a sad situation which has yet to be resolved and of which the Trump alliance is the most recent attempt.

Here is an interesting article (#174) by Bennett Ross of Cosmic Surge dated July 15, 2021 and titled "The Last Reset" which sheds light on the last reset of the early 1800's.

The last reset was in the early 1800's Specifically from 1811 to 1817 When the population was eradicated

Starting in 1853 Millions of genetically changed children Were dispatched all over the world From underground facilities

They were put on what are called orphan trains Which continued until 1910 And at a lower rate until 1929

A fabricated narrative was introduced Saying Irish immigrants built the Erie Canal Chinese immigrants built the railroads Mormon settlers built incredible temples all over Utah

Cowboys on horseback using only a hammer and chisel Built amazing dams

Miners dug through hard rock Sometimes going over a mile deep

And the best European artists and architects Were everywhere at once erecting incredible buildings and homes

Actually immigrants worked to repair what was already here

It was taught that slave labor built the Giza pyramids in 2500 BC That the 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite Weighing about 6 million tons collectively

The granite stones The largest weighing about 80 tons Were dragged from 800 kilometers away And put in place using ropes and pulleys

Pyramids hidden as mountains Or on the bottom of the ocean were ignored

Those who disbelieved the scam were put in insane asylums

Churches and cathedrals that were once resonating sound healing centers Featuring complex cymatic patterns In line with natural harmonic frequencies Were subverted into fake religious places

Astronomy began to teach that our world is a round globe Spinning at 1000 miles per hour Orbiting the sun at 67,000 miles per hour And together with the solar system Rotates around the galaxy at 500,000 miles per hour And together with the galaxy Races through the universe at 670,000,000 miles per hour

Four different motions simultaneously

We are told to believe in What we cannot feel and what we do not experience

And now we are told to believe in a viral epidemic And that we need a vaccine!

The current humanity is only a few hundred years old, the latest genetic version, much smaller and weaker than the last, and all of our history before this is a lie.

Something horrifying and epochal occurred before 1818 that changed humanity and our world drastically and whose evidence has been largely swept under the rug. This was when that great worldwide empire Tartaria with its magnificent buildings and free energy was overrun and slowly destroyed by Yahweh's "chosen" Christian colonists(led by Great Britain/America) who took over the reins of world power in the last 300 years.

And it was done brutally. With the help of Yahweh's technology(including UFO's), whole nations and cities were destroyed or burnt, giants killed, huge trees cut down, mountains leveled, and large bodies of water dried up or displaced, ending in a great Mud Flood, but many of the buildings were left in tact. This all sounds like the stories in the Old Testament when the Hebrews left Egypt, you say. Would it surprise you to learn that the Bible is of recent origin(1800's), and written right after all this happened?!

Those who survived all these catastrophes were all genetically modified and a new humanity(us) was produced, more subject to or controlled by Yahweh. Vaccines were used then, and later in the Spanish Flu, and now in the current covid crisis, and each time humanity gets weaker and more controlled. This is because Yahweh too is getting weaker and more degenerate and the ratio must be maintained.

Yahweh works through all of the corrupt organizations of this world to dumb us down and maintain us as his slaves, but within each of us still flickers the uncorrupted flame of divinity which if we fully sparked can put an end to this ages old nightmare of deception and control. Yahweh, our surrogate Father. is jealous of our divine potential which is why he wants to exterminate us, but if enough of us wake up we can replace this old devil(with the help of Christ and our true Father-El Elyon) and manifest our glorious destiny.

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