The Backlash is Growing
The backlash against the Deep State and the current system of things is growing rapidly in 2024 and should reach a crescendo before the end of the year. After over 4 years of disastrous social and economic policies that have brought our world to the brink of poverty, starvation, and war, the majority are finally waking up and saying no. No more pandemic, no more false science and medicine, no more divisive politics, no more war, no more economic gouging, and no more lies in general.

No matter what the globalists do, it all eventually backfires, because the onus is on the few rather than the many, the elite rather than the general populace. Politicians don't really care about you, unless they can use you in some way to advance their wealth or power, and it's always been that way. Self governance is the best form of government, but in our current system, everything is stacked against this. Yes, some form of government is good, but it must always be kept in check and be subservient to the needs of individuals.

What we are seeing in this early half of 2024 is the crumbling of the old system due to the organized efforts of some key human individuals in league with some offworld powers who are determined to liberate humanity from the powerful but evil leaders and principalities that have subjugated us for so long. It all goes back of course to the Fallen One and his minions who have become our taskmasters for some five to six thousand years with their cunning and technology, and who have reportedly been neutered over the last 60 years since JFK and particularly over the last 8 years under Trump and the White Hats.

While not everyone likes Trump, particularly on account of his Warp Speed, one cannot deny that he had a successful term as President, between 2016 and 2020, bringing relative peace and prosperity to the US and the world. He is a peacemaker and master negotiator and some liken him to emperor Cyrus and even Christ himself, given his enormous persecution by the Left. But things are turning around for Trump, given the dismal state of the US under the Biden administration, and it appears he will win the 2024 November election. The unjust Trump trial in New York in May/June of 2024 was the straw that broke the camel's back in terms of unleashing the backlash against what has become an absurdly corrupt justice system in the US.

Have the last four plus years been a movie, as the Q people suggest, or are we actually fighting for our survival and there are no White Hats? This seems to be the question no one is yet certain of, but I feel we will know soon, once Trump and the Republic are reinstated. Whatever game is being played, it is a serious one with many lives at stake. Some believe that if Hillary won the 2016 election most of us would be dead by now, but thanks to Trump's intervention, many have been spared. Yes the covid injections have caused millions of deaths or casualties but it may have been the price to pay to save billions.

I would like to believe that there is some master plan behind all of this and that Trump and his allies are carrying it out, and that the bad guys are playing roles as well, but it looks like we won't really know for sure until the next election, which Trump is highly likely to win, and after which he will be able to speak freely and fully to the public. Hopefully, by then, everyting will be cleared or understood, but even so, there will no doubt follow a period of rebuilding and healing which may take years. We are surely living in very exciting but dangerous times.

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