Is The Chinese Century is Upon Us?

With its burgeoning population of 1.4 billion people, and its massive economy and military, the communist state of China may well become the number one superpower of the 21st century.

The 1800's belonged to Great Britain, and the 1900's belonged to the United States, but the 2000's may very well belong to China, and 2020/2021 appears to be the start of this, as we begin to learn just how deeply China has infiltrated and invested in so many parts of the world.

China's rise or awakening began in the 1970's when contact with the West became more common. Western companies flocked to China for their cheap labor helping the Chinese to modernize their economy and industries. Today China is the 2nd largest economy in the world and will soon overpass that of the United States. China's goal is to become the number one superpower in all areas and is fast succeeding.

The problem with China is its Marxist communist ideology which differs drastically with the Christian-based principles of the West and which will inevitably bring serious clashes and confrontations. Religion in general is poorly tolerated in China despite the large communities there. While the people of China may have strong spiritual beliefs, the current CCP government or regime is strongly Leninist and athiest and more interested in consolidating material power and control. Agents of the CCP have in fact infiltrated numerous nations in the world, with the ultimate aim of subverting and converting them to their own ideology. In the United States, for example, the Democratic party has completely sold out to Chinese interests, which is fatal to the nation. Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Commonwealth in general are also highly infiltrated. This is all coming out in 2020/21 and if the West doesn't wake up and do something we could see total Chinese rule of the world by 2025. While India is as equally populous as China it is no match militarily and economically, and while Russia shares a communist ideology with China, it is decidedly Western - both racially and culturally.

Astrologically, the current national horoscope chart(the original is obviously far more ancient and unknown) makes China a Sun in Libra nation, (born October 1st, 1949, 3:01 PM, Beijing) with the Moon in Aquarius conjunct the Ascendant(see chart below). This makes the Chinese people highly sociable and intelligent and freedom=loving. Moon conjunct the Ascendant gives the Chinese their round face and strong family instincts. Mercury and Neptune also in Libra strengthen that sign's love of beauty, art, culture, etc. Venus in Scorpio with the MC gives them a passionate, shrewd, possessive, no-nonsense nature that must deal with death, regeneration, and occult issues. Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo is fierce and dramatic and will fight or defend to the death. Jupiter in Capricorn is economical, wise, organized, frugal, ambitious, and manipulative or controlling. It also gives many Chinese their slim or emaciated look. Saturn in Virgo is quality, discipline and hard work. Uranus in Cancer is domestic change and upheaval, and the north node in Aries has a proclivity for fighting or initiating.

In 2005, the discovery of the planet Xena(now Eris) was announced as the possible ruler of Libra and therefore China. The letter X is very common in Chinese first names and is the number six or Venus which also traditionally rules Libra. In astrology new planets signify new eras or ruling nations, such as Uranus for the United States or Pluto for Russia. Does this new planet signify the emergence of a new superpower? Eris is now in late Aries and was at 6 Aries in the China chart and will move into Taurus in 2045. Eris in Aries may reveal the aggressive or war-like side of China.

An important distinction must be made between the Chinese people, who are a good and honorable, and the current Chinese government(CCP), that is cruel and tyrannical. The Chinese people are suffering under this government, just as Americans are under the current Democratic Party. Both are part of the same Satanic Deep State that want to enslave or even destroy humanity.

Imagine if China DOES achieve world hegemony in the near future. What will happen to the rest of the world? Will other nations be suppressed or even eliminated? Will we all eventually incarnate as Chinese? The possibilities are certainly there, but I don't think humanity's Creator will allow this. Different nations and cultures are part of the variety of Creation, just as there are different flowers or birds. Variety is the spice of life and to have just one race, nation, or even government will create boredom and monotony. New races and nations are always evolving or being created or deevolving and being destroyed. This is best left to our Creator(s) rather than any one human, nation, or government.

China will have its rise and fall or different incarnations just like any other nation, and it is currently in rise.

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