Myth and Genetics

"Note: Some of the information in this article is speculative, nor can I guarantee the authenticity of some of the photos included.


Myth is not myth at all but actual history which has been hidden or repressed from the public in this age of lies and deception.

The mythological creatures or humanoids of the past , such as the centaur, unicorn, or dragon, actually existed, but were eventually wiped out by the Church as works of the Devil.

There occurred throughout history, periods of great scientific and technological advancement which led to things like cloning and creating half-animal and half-human hybrids via genetic manipulation. At some point this science would get out of hand and produce terrible life forms and conditions and God would have to step in with a great flood or fire to stop it all.

This is what happened before the Great Flood of Noah and what is happening now in many secret labs around the world. Greys and other aliens working with scientists are constantly tinkering with human and animal genetics to produce different life forms, not only through abduction, but by introducing endless chemicals in our food water and air, as well as electro-magnetic modulation.

The workers of the devil -evil reptilians, greys, insectoids, and sold-out humans, are jealous of the human body's beauty and resilience and wish to extract from it and incorporate all they can for themselves, and if they cannot do this they will destroy us along with themselves. They are a dark and dying breed, a failed experiment, which is why they need certain human elements like adrenochrome to keep them going.

The human body is indeed the pinnacle of God's Creation, even though it has been much degraded or modified over the centuries and millennia. We were once giants and very beautiful and intelligent, so much so that even the angels were tempted and came down to mate with us. Their lust and selfishness wittled us down to our current state.

At first we were too wise or strong for the wicked ones so they had to use their wiley ways and technology to eventually deceive and bring us down. With every reset they weakened us further, limiting our connection to our Creator, but within each of us, deep in our physical, astral, and spiritual bodies, lie the codes to restore us to greatness again.

Some of the genetic creations or experiments were quite beautiful and successful, like the winged unicorn, the dolphin, the butterfly, and most humans and animals themselves, while others were absolutely horrible, like the manticore, minotaur, or insectoid. The problem here is that many of the scientists and their working partners lacked moral guidance or direction. They were driven by pure cold intellect and curiosity, resulting in the atrocities we call mythological monsters.

Some of these activitities are still going on and such terrible creatures can still be found in remote or deep underground caverns and facilities hidden away from the general public. It is perhaps one of the main reasons for the ongoing abduction or trafficking of children and adults alike -to be used in their horrible experiments.

God(Yahweh) used the Church to do away with much of this corruption of his original creation, but appears to have gone overboard by destroying the good as well. As early as the 1800's and early 1900's, remnants of these mythical creatures were still seen by the people, and walked among them.

rare photo of angel among the people who was later killed in flight through beam weapons

Today, the clean-up and repression of these creatures continues, but knowledge of this period of giants, angels, and monsters is leaking out across the internet and soon everyone will know the truth.

Rare pictures of giants among humans only a few hundred years ago

Potsdam civil military giants 1700's

giant indian warrior

giant blackhats and their new crop of humans

one giant among smaller humans

Our history has been totally changed or falsified. A major attempt by our controllers to reset humanity was started over 500 years ago in the midst of the Millennial Kingdom(of which Tartaria was part). The Church was used by Yahweh to genocide the old giant humanity and introduce a smaller more inferior lab-modified version which could more easily be controlled. It was the giants and angels versus Yahweh's Israel, led by anglosaxon America and Great Britain. The bloody and destructive war ramped up in the 1700's and 1800's and giants and angels were killed, burned, or petrified and most of the beautiful buildings and cities were leveled using Yahweh's directed energy weapons. Yahweh and his tribes won of course, and here we are as the latest diminished crop of humans enslaved under an inhuman system.
Below are the genetic freaks caused by unethical DNA mixing hundreds of years ago and compiled in medieval works like Fortunio Licetti's De Monstruorum Causis.
Note: I have taken the liberty to clean up some of the pictures as best I can as many were stained or had previous pages bleeding through.
The Blemmyes or Headless Ones with their heads in their torsos were a reality in medieval
times and no doubt earlier. Many were seen in Libya or northern Africa and Alexander the Great
is said to have met some. Standard explanations always miss the mark as to their origins failing
to admit that these are simply genetic experiments from some underground or hidden lab, and are
likely still being created but kept hidden from public view.
Some of the genetic experimentation went horribly wrong or crossed moral boundaries and resulted in weird animal and human/animal mixes known as "chimeras". Scientists today are doing the same thing.
A collection of deformed indiviuduals transformed through genetic
manipulation.The book Etidorpha by John Uri Loyd also describes
such beings but places them in the Inner Earth. In the chapter, The
Drunkard's Den, I Am The Man is explained by his guide that the
rarefied ambiance in the depths of the Earth exposes the real nature
of such individuals through their disproportionate body parts.
Medieval Christians of the Catholic faith were strongly driven by the
Church to destroy all traces of dragons and other "works of the Devil"
which included half-animal half human hybrids and they apparently
did a good job, as few if any of these genetic monstrosities appear in
modern society. The "cleanse" may have started some 500+ years ago and
persisted all the way to the late 1800's and early 1900's. It is part of the
one or more great resets of humanity which are still in progress today.
Centaurs were created by sucessfully mixing human and horse DNA. They
made ideal warriors and were used by our controllers to fight their selfish wars.
Our cells are the basic building blocks of life and within them are the libraries of life(chromosomes) which contain the full instructions for the growth and development of the organism. This information or code is influenced partly by our free will and partly by our environment and the greater cybernetic(astrological) field around us. This field is constantly being updated(or degraded) so that nothing remains the same forever.

Humans themselves are a genetic work in progress so it is important that they align themselves with the proper forces. Direct intervention of this code of life through artificial or scientific means is a great sin unless handled by the creators themselves. Only divine moral manipulation of our genetic code leads to real or beneficial improvements. Human or alien tampering, more often than not, leads to horror and disaster.

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