Billions Beneath Us
The population on/in this realm we call Earth is far greater than the authorities would have us believe.

The current estimate figure of 8 billion(for Nov. 15 2022) only takes into consideration the known surface world of the Americas, Europe/Asia, Africa, Indonesia/Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

What is not revealed are the other "forbidden" continents, both polar and oceanic, as well as the subterranean, sub-oceanic, the endless lands beyond our domed or enclosed Earth, and the sky cities or satelites above us. Just as the Americas were made known to us in the last 500 years, so all these other undisclosed lands will come into our conciousness during the next 500 years. This will put the human/humanoid population in the trillions rather than the billions.

Most intriguing is the subterranean world directly beneath us which has just as many, if not more, people than our surface world. The Inner Earth world consists of many cavernous layers or stratas going thousands of miles deep, each with their own particlar denizens or civilizations. Many of these were once surface civilizations that were driven underground because of war or catastrophe.

artist's conception of Inner Earth city
The Inner Earth World has a much more stable climate than our surface allowing greater growth and longetivity. It is lit with suffused light both from our outer sun which trickles through and the the inner sun which is powered by the central Meru structure. The temperature stabilizes at 25 miles or deeper making for healthful conditions througout the vast Earth plane. Yes, the Earth is not a globe, but an extremely vast level plane that grows as we grow, so that there is always space. This plane currently stretches for several billions of miles.

Our surface world was once stable as well with a series of domes over it, but the great wars, particularly the Luciferic rebellion, brought an end to that. Domes were shattered or damaged, water, air, electric and magnetic currents were disrupted, and the result was an unbalanced ecosystem throughout the Bharata sector of Jambudvipa which contains our known Earth. The excessive ice, snow, desert, and extreme and chaotic climate conditions are testimony to this. One day, when the perpetrators of this chaos are all rounded up and enchained, all be repaired and restored.

So who are all of those billions of people/creatures beneath us and what are they doing? They are a mix of humans and non-humans all going about their daily business just as were are doing here on the surface. They are very technological since this is required to mantain their largely artificial environments. I am talking here about the cities of which there are millions. Most are built in the cavernous regions which allow for such constructs. Some of the peoples/cities are good and some are not. The deeper down you go the worse it gets (according to "human" standards). The deeper layers of the Inner Earth world are occupied mostly by reptillian or snake entities most of which are unfriendly to humans. We would call this the "satanic" realm. It is these that abduct or use humans for their own purposes. Of course they have the right to live just as we do -so long as they do not interfere with us.

another Inner Earth city(artistic rendering)
Most of our science and technology originates from the Inner Earth world since conditions there make the people more inventive and innovative. This technology then trickles upwards to our surface world where exchange deals are made. Unfortunately, this involves human and sex trafficking which has become a major problem. We are highly prized for our looks, biology, and services which is why so many of us are abducted. Some of the more evil ones infiltrate surface humanity by occupying human bodies and forcing inhuman agendas upon us, such as the Covid narrative. Humans are perfectly capable of putting a stop to this but are lulled into apathy and helplessness through drugs and lies.

The great Avatars of history, such as Jesus, visited and preached to the Inner Earth, hoping to convert many of them to better ways. They are not all bad. Most have families like we do and look after their own, whether human, semi-human, or not, and many are sincerely interested in co-operating peacefully and productively with us. Of course there are always the bad apples who spoil this.

You may have visited an inner Earth city or realm in your dreams, astral travel, or even in person, or you may have had an incarnation there. When the barriers are lifted again, and its safe to do so, travel from the surface to the inner worlds may may become common again.

Why aren't our governments telling us about our brothers and sisters below us, as well as those beyond our dome in the flat lands? It appears they have vested interests in keeping it all hush, or they're simply ordered to keep quiet under threat of punishment or even death. This tells you who's still in charge of our world, and until they go, nothing will really change. Supposedly, the White Hats or "good guys" are working feverishly with higher beings and offworlders to liberate this realm from its 5000+ year satanic grip, but the outcome is uncertain. Hopefully, they will succeed and humanity will be given a break, at least for a while. It would be great for the entire Bharata region to be restored and become part of the "galactic" Greater Earth(Jambudvipa) again.

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