Humanity in Lockdown

Note: the following information is speculative and may not be accurate so exercise caution when reading.
The world is in lockdown and no one really knows what's going on. That's Neptune in Pisces for you -total mystery and illusion. What is certain is that most of us are confined to our homes in order to fight an invisible and largely unknown enemy -the Corona virus or Covid-19.

There are various views on what's going on and here are some of the most popular...

1)IT'S A GLOBALIST TAKEOVER: The elite are desperate and playing their last cards(bio warfare), in order to bring down Trump, the economy, the USA, and the world in general, and establish their hellish New World Order. Donald Trump, whom many believe has been groomed and selected to lead the fight against this Cabal or Deep State, is our last hope, and if he does not succeed, we are doomed to slavery and destruction. Each of us must also play our part and support the President.

2)IT'S A PLAN TO ROUND UP AND CLEAN THE SWAMP: The virus is largely fake(similar in effect to the common flu) and is being used as a cover to isolate the populace through fear in order to fascilitate the arrest of all the swamp players, from the corporatists to the democrats to the satanists, pedophiles, criminals, and all other "evil" elements of our society. Trump, along with the intelligentsia, patriots, and military are effecting this round up leaving clues(such as through the mysterious "Q") along the process which is supposed to last a few months.

3)IT'S A TRADE WAR BETWEEN CHINA AND THE US: Weather and biowarfare is occurring between these two countries for dominance of the planet. Much of America's labor and production has been going to China since the 1970's making us overly dependant, but Trump is trying to turn this around hence the trade wars and weather and bio attacks currently taking place.

4)IT"S ELECTRICALLY INDUCED AND 5G-RELATED: From the radio to TV to computers and cellphones to smart meters and towers and all electrical devices in general, it's all taking a heavy toll on our own bio-electric fields lowering our immune systems and subjecting us to all manner of disease. This is in ADDITION to all the chemicals in our food, water, and air. This cell-destroying and DNA-changing radiation is brought to unprecedented levels with the rollout of 5G(5th generation) which is 100 times more powerful and lethal than 4G. Wuhan was one of the first fully 5G cities.

5)IT'S A GLOBAL RESET CAUSED BY RECURRING ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS: Every so many centuries or even millennia, we pass through or encounter certain bodies or swarm of bodies such as Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X asteroids, or dark bodies that are left over fragments of the ancient wars of the "gods" and which endanger our Earth and cosmic system. The elite know about these cycles and are secretly preparing themselves and leaving most of us in the dark.

6)IT"S A REHEARSAL FOR THE GREAT PLASMA EVENT: Predicted to occur as early as December 2020, the Great Plasma Event or Cosmic Global Reset, or Day of the Lord, which occurs every some millennia, opens up portals allowing other dimensions or realities to enter ours, usually via the the crack or rift in the dome above us. According to Martin Kenny, the first wave is to occur on the spring solstice(June 21st) followed by the main event six months later at the winter solstice(December 21st). See my article "The Coming Great Plasma Event" for details.

7)IT"S GAIA'S WAY OF PURGING HERSELF OF OUR PARASITICAL WAYS: Every so many centuries or millennia the human population explodes and so does the ravaging of our planet's resources, causing Gaia to release viruses or pandemics to rid itself of it's parasitical inhabitants. This includes the "gods" who are simply priveleged humans.

Personally, I believe it's a combination of most of the above, and perhaps more. If it is mostly a globalist take over, its occurring with stunning speed. This was obviously planned many years in advance. In a matter of weeks we've seen nearly all of the world go into shutdown over a mysterious virus and the fear produced from it. Some say the virus is common and has been hyped up for political reasons while others say it was actually manufactured or modified in the US but exported and first released in Wuhan China and spread from there. Manufactured or not, the FEAR produced by this apparent pandemic may be more deadly than the disease itself. I am STUNNED to see the level of lockdown and the the speed of it and it is a scary thing to watch. Millions have lost their jobs and are relying on social assistance. Stores and services are cointinually being closed or reduced, movement is greatly restricted, and "social distancing" is being enforced. All of this is producing much fear and stress and reminds me of the pre-war days. Whether the higher ups know what they're doing and whether it's good for us is debatable at this point, but if it comes to forced vaccination and micro-chipping -that's when the alarms go off. Yes, there will be an economic reset and probably a digital currency and greater reliance on digital media, but that's the way of "progress" and globalism and it appears there's no turning back.

Globalism is NOT the answer. It gives greater power to the few and little power to the many. Nationalism is far better, and even better is Individualism(for those who are on the Path), but it appears we are going in the wrong direction. Individuals have become too soft and weak and corporations and governments have become too big and strong. We need to wake up and take our power back or we will lose everything, and it all starts with good education and health. Learn as much as you can, eat a healthy diet, and develop your intuition and relationship with God. Science and technology have been largely hijacked and become false gods. Nature is your best friend. Anyone living in the city or cold zones are in big trouble -they will be the first to suffer if all goes to hell. Moving to the suburbs or country and warm climes, where you can become self-reliant, is the best way to go. 2020 is a year of decision -those who will sell out, and those who will break away. Will you accept the terms of the globalists and sell your soul , or will you go with your spiritual integrity even if it means becoming a social outcast? It's always a battle between body or matter and spirit.

Astronomically, there will be signs in the heavens, some real and some holographic. One is the new Sun forming around our original Sun which is causing great disturbances here on Earth(see my cosmology artcles). This Dark Sun or body which I call Vulcan(because it is situated between Mercury and the Sun) has a 28-day orbit and is about one third the size of our regular Sun, and may be behind the current global changes including the pandemics. It is certainly affecting our weather as well as our psychological or astrological natures. Scott C'one has been following this object for many years on his Planet X News website. Nothing about it in the mainstream news.

Other signs both astronomical and supernatural will become common as we approach the Great Plasma Event, very possibly at the end of 2020. The solstices(June 21st and Dec.21st) are critical dates for this event. So are the so-called "Jewish" holy days which are actually the calendar of the God of true Israel which includes the English peoples, much of northwestern Europe and the Jews.. Passover/Easter(March/April), Feast of Pentecosts(June), and the New Year, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Trumpets(September-October). These are key dates when important world events happen, with particular focus on true Israel. Perhaps the greatest signs and wonders will occur in late December when the actual Plasma Event is predicted to occur. Whether it is this year(2020) or in the coming years, it WILL occur. It is a Major rest which occurs every few to several thousand years, when the different worlds and dimensions mingle. For some(the laggards) it will be horrible while for others(those on the Path) it will be long awaited. It will be seen as great burst of green light(aurora borealis?) or electro-magnetic emanation from the North Pole, which accordinmg to Martin Kenny, will either kill you or upgrade you for the next era to come. Personally, I see the Plasma Event as a Satanic occurence(occurring during Satan/Saturn's sign), but that is just my opinion.

There may in fact be another purpose for these viruses or pandemics -they may be nature's(and man's) cybernetic programs or upgrades for our physical bodies and beings, where only the fittest will survive. This includes the covid-19 virus which seems to take out mostly the weak and elderly(but the same can be said for most other viruses). Most of us have viruses with no ill effects. The Corona virus is not new. There are many varieties and it has been around forever, except for the newer strains which may have been lab-enhanced. However, more people can die from cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and other diseases than the Corona virus, yet you don't see shut downs occurring because of these. There are obviously other agendas going on here. Even as of this writing, much of the covid propaganda appears to be unravelling, and as more information comes out, and while definitely real, it may prove to be a scapegoat for one of the greatest money and power grabs in history. Time will tell. More than any virus, I believe the real culprits to our health and sanity are pollution, chemicals, radiation, bad diets, negative lifestyles, greedy people and companies, lies, deceptions, and over-controlling governments. If you are relatively healthy and in a good environment you need not fear any virus.

It is still too early at this point(April 2020) to gauge the real nature of the situation befalling us, but its looking more and more like it's two-pronged attack by the Deep State: release a real but manageable virus, hype up the fear, and use it to enforce more control and draconian laws and measures on an unsuspecting public, the results of which may cause more casualties than the virus itself. We were not meant to be cooped up in our houses nor separated from one another. This is cold and inhuman. Yes, these are good measures to take during a severe epidemic, but this one(in my opinion) appears to be highlyy exaggerated. This may be a test run or exercise to condition us for something far worse or sinister to happen in the near future(such as the release of a far more dangerous virus). Most scriptures have, after all, prophesied very difficult events(plagues, earthquakes, famine, disease, etc) in these end times, but only if we do not change our degenerative ways. The decision is always ours.

I would LOVE to believe that President Trump is using the Covid-19 pandemic to round up or clean up the swamp, and that by most of us being confined locally, his behind-the-scenes operations could be carried out more smoothly(in co-operation with other world governments), but I have serious doubts about this. WONDERFUL if this is the case, but until the arrests and tribunals start to come out publically, I'm not holding my breath. I DO feel Trump is a basically good man and that he has our best interests in mind, but I don't know if he can succeed in what he is trying to do. I pray that he can.

April 12, 2020: It's out! China admits Obama-Fauci behind their production of Covid-19 virus!

Apr.15, 2020: People all over are starting to get fed up with the lockdowns and are starting to protest. They are realizing that Covid-19 is a paper tiger and that the real issues at stake are your freedoms and rights.

April 18, 2020: World-renowned bio-mathematician Knut Wittkowski in an interview on The Highwire with Del Bigtree says that the Covid-19 virus should be let to run its course so we could attain herd immunity in a matter of weeks, as China and other countries have done, while at the same time protecting the weak and elderly, and that social distancing is actually PROLONGING the duration of the virus and setting us up for a second wave after the summer when it starts getting cold again!

April 20, 2020: Wake Up America! It appears your President has been neutered. A new power(FEMA) has taken over since The President signed the National Emergency Act on March 13, 2020. The people are basically alone now and must stand or be enslaved. Deep State elements, especially among the Blue states are on overdrive imposing draconian rules and regulations over the people. This kind of situation happened before back in the 700's BC when ancient Israel(now great Britain, US, and the Commonwealth) were heavily taxed and restricted and were later invaded and carried off into captivity by Assyria(modern day Germany). We may be repeating history.

April 21, 2020: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai speaks out on covid-19 on America's Daily Report with Christina Aguayo. Also Dr. Rashid Buttar.

April 22, 2020: People, you're being taken advantage of -again! The real agenda, more than the virus, is control over your rights and freedoms. The economic losses from this hyped-up pandemic will be far greater than 2008. The global cabal wants total control and enslavement and Covid-19 is the ticket. If these people are not pushed back, they can unleash far more lethal plagues or viral agents and even more draconian measures and overtake us completely.

April 23, 2020: The Darker Side of 5G and Social Distancing: 5G is part of the global agenda control grid. Yes, it will speed up internet and tech communications in general, but it can also be used for greater surveillance and control. 5G can be greatly ramped up seriously affecting our biology. It is doubtful whether social distancing is effective in the spread of this virus, but it does give greater respect for our personal space. On the negative side it increases coldness, isolation, and depression. As humans, closeness and affection are a very important part of staying healthy. Social distancing also slows down herd immunity prolonging the inevitable.

Which Reality Will You Choose?

a cold, sterile, repressive, scientific technocracy

or a warm, fertile, free, and natural humanity

April 27, 2020: Huge "smart cities" are being built around the world for the elite and their followers such as Neom in Saudi Arabia, Belmont in Arizona, or the many as yet uninhabited cities in China. These are all post-war or post pandemic cities meant for the elite and their subjects after the planned supposed destruction of our current civilization. You need to be chipped and vaccined in order to be a resident of this high-tech New World Order digitized society. Those that opt out will be left struggling on the outside in a Mad Max type of society or starting our own individual communities.

April 30, 2020: People, we must stop accepting other people's versions of reality. The globalist-Gates-Fauci AI New World Order reality is being FORCED upon us. It is NOT the reality most of us want and is in fact ANTI-HUMAN. Why are we letting the ideology of a few wealthy but sick people dictate the reality of billions of humans?! The truth is that each of us has the power to create our own world or reality without forcing it on others. This is the great secret or potential of humanity. We must stop listening to the mainstream lies and start following our own inner voices and guidance. Stop being a sheep. Stop being a victim. Trump has been subdued and is depending on us to make the right choices. The globalists and politicians are watching as well. They will decide our fate according to our response. Let's make it clear where we stand.

May 15, 2020: While more and more reputable doctors across the world are coming out and exposing the lies of the covid-19 lockdown, many are still buying the narrative being pushed by the mainstream media. People wake up! You are being taken for a ride. Yes the virus is real, but it is hyped up and being used by the dark forces to reset the economy and to fully install their communistic fascistic New World Order, where you will have few if any individual rights. Social distancing, wearing masks, or staying at home is more about obedience than it is about protecting you from a virus. These are all tests to see how ignorant or submissive you are.

World renowned Immunologist and molecular biologist Prof. Dolores J. Cahill PHD confirms that the civid-19 virus is spread through droplets and not the air and that except for the sick and elderly, all the imposed restrictions(masks, social distancing, amd isolation) are all counterproductive and should be lifted as soon as possible. These restrictions only prolong and strengthen the virus whereas being exposed to it and developing natural immunity is the only real way to go. Judy Mikovitz and other virologists and research scientists are of the same mind. Effective treatments for covid-19 such as vitamin D3, zinc, and hydroxychloroquine are all being insidiously repressed, while dangerous ventilators are being incentivized. Many of our governing leaders knowingly or unknowingly are being misinformed and making terrible decisions for the public and those directly responsible should and will all be held accountable.

People, there are dark Luciferian forces who wish to destroy you, and they are using most of the corporations, governments, and institutions of the world to do this. When our leaders sell out to money, power, sex, and fame, they allow the dark forces to come in and turn this world upside down. We need to clean up our lives and adopt simpler and healthier lifestyles. Social distancing, wearing masks, staying inside, and constantly sanitizing yourself is NOT healthy for you. They are in fact detrimental to your well being. Social distancing or isolation causes panic, fear, and depression. We were meant to be close and together for strength. Masks diminish your oxygen intake and prevent you from exhaling impurities. Same with plastic gloves. Constant washing of hands removes skin oil and exposes you to more germs. All those plastic gloves and filthy masks will end up in landfills and increase pollution. Separating or abducting family members for their "safety" together with contract tracing is pure gestapo. This is how stupid and gullible we've really become and the people perpetrating these horrors are all laughing at us.

The real answers to combatting any health problem or disease is not drugs or vaccines but truthful education, and better nutrition. A warm and natural environment, a raw plant-based diet, as well as fasting and an ethical lifestyle -these are the keys to good health. Cold zones rob you of sun and warmth and force you to live indoors and breath stale air. Cities are noisy, stressful, artificial, and polluted. The money system has become a slave system. Bartering is the only true medium of exchange. Drugs, vaccines, processed food, chemtrails, radiation, 5G, and technology in general are all harmful to your health. Even agriculture is unnatural. Fruit is the only true food for humans. We must return to nature and God and reconnect with our true selves.

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