Important House Cusps in Whole Sign Locality

In whole sign locality, the houses and signs occupy 30 degrees of each other so that there are no interceptions or uneven houses. In other words, there are 12 houses of 30 degrees each with 12 signs of the same span. This applies for both the Ascendant and Midheaven houses. While all 24 of these cusps are important, 4 of them are particularly so. These are where the 4 cardinal sign cusps of the Ascendant and Midheaven vertically.
Below is a world map for J.F.Kennedy showing his whole sign house cusps for both the Ascendant and Midheaven.

The two lines that stand out most are the 0 Can/Lib and 0 Capricorn/Aries lines or the equinox longitudes which are of the utmost importance in both in astrology and in the birth chart. The 0Can/0Lib line goes right through Dallas, Texas -the city where former President John F. Kennedy was assasinated, with Pluto/MC not far to the east of it. Below is a close-up map.

The other equinox longitude runs through Russia/Kazakhstan/China/Nepal/India. I don't know what J.F.K's proclivities were along this longitude but they obviously balance his North America longitude in some way.

I believe these two focal meridians should be studied in every locality reading. They are great transitory zones of power. A significant life shift must occur when crossing such lines. If you have any experience with this I would love to hear about it.

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