Locational Astrology
Note: Locational astrology or astrocartography as it is more properly called is the spreading of your chart
over the Earth showing WHERE on the globe or plane your planet positions fall. Those in your Ascendant and Midheaven signs/houses and their
opposites -the Descendant and Imum Coeli will of course be the most powerful. The exact planet lines show where the influences are most intense.
Whole Sign Locality

Your Relocated Ascendant

Johndro Locality and
the Geodetic Map

Astro-Locality Reference Maps

Donald Trump Map

Astro-locality Transits

Your Best Country

Localized Astrology

astrolocality: lines or signs?

Orbs in Astrolocality
This site uses whole signs/houses which are shown here as colored bands(for the Ascendant). The vertical lines show the different Midheaven signs.

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