Declination in Astrolocality

While a planet's longitude position will determine which one of twelve slices of the locality map it falls in, its declination position will tell you which half of that slice it functions more powerfully in. It will also reveal which planets are more in tune (parallel) with one another. Declination is the other half of astrolocality.

First get an astrolocality map and the longitudes and declinations of your planets/bodies/stars/etc. You can do this for free at, astroseek, astrolog,, serennu, or from one of the many fine astrology programs out there. I prefer and use WHOLE sign maps

In your map, make sure the EQUATOR is clearly visible, then place your natal planets north or south of it according to their declinations. If you have Photoshop or something similar this will help. If you do not, make a drawing or print out, and pencil in the planets accordingly. Below is an example...

Trump planets using Janus 5
You will note that Trump has most of his planets in the northern hemisphere, in the West, so that most of his activities are expressed there. Only three planets occupy the southern hemisphere, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune, which are good areas for him to retire or settle down. Mars, Asc, and Pluto occupy most of North America where Trump is at his most natural and intense self. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn occupy the West coast which is a good place for Trump to learn, communicate, and form long-lasting relationships. Sun, Uranus, and North Node occupy Hawaii where Trump can relax, enjoy himself, be creative and original, and find his purpose or direction. MC in the Pacific only covers some islands(Midway) and easternmost Russia and can only guess what his activities are here.

By using planetary and declination degrees one can be more specific about which areas are particularly affected, and which planets work more closely together, as in the next image below. One can also insert the stars and asteroids in this manner giving more information. Most of the planets do not go beyond 23 or 28 degrees north or south of the equator except for maybe Pluto and the Moon. The stars and asteroids and transneptunians have a much wider range.

In the map below one can see that Most of Trump's major bodies are located in the West between 21 and 25 North latitude or declination. This includes the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, and the North Node. All of these are said to be "conjunct" or "parallel" one another strengthening whatever other aspects there are between them. This is Trump's power zone. Another strong auspicious grouping is Mars and the star Regulus on his Ascendant between the 12 and 13 parallel North, followed by Jupiter, Neptune, Sedna, and Chiron between 0 and 6 South, and finally the Moon, Ceres, and Eris between 20 and 25 South.

Trump planets and stars using Creator Map 3
Do not confuse latitude with declination. Latitude is based on the ecliptic and sky position while declination is based on the Earth's equator and therefore terrestial position. For flat Earthers and level maps, the same rules apply.

In summary, while a planet will affect both northern and southern hemispheres, it will favor or express more strongly in one or the other, according to its declination position in respect to Earth's equator.

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