Locality and Personal Expression

Are you in a location that lacks certain zodiac signs basic to your self expression? If so you will need to move or find or create some means for that expression to manifest, otherwise your health and happiness will suffer.

In astrology, the Sun sign is the primary vehicle for personal self-expression(at least inwardly). The Moon and Ascendant are also important, as are all the other planets or factors in your birth chart. The Sun, however, rules life, vitality, and creativeness, and without it we would die instantly, so lets make it the primary factor for self-expression.

If you're a Sun in Aries, for example, the sign of Aries is basic or fundamental to your inner personal expression. If the horoscopes of the country, state, or city you're living in have no planets in Aries, you will not really flourish or find deep fulfillment there. More so if other important signs in your chart such as your Moon or Ascendant are not represented either.

In my case I live in a country, province, and city where there are no planets in my Sun sign, and while living here is ok(my Moon and Ascendant signs are represented) I've had to look elsewhere(across the border) for my true expression to manifest(my website server and audience in general are across the border). Even my native country, which is overseas, does not have a planet in the sign of my Sun, and while I've visited, I've never settled there or felt any strong connection to it(I do not have any planet to its Sun either).

What about astrolocality? Yes, its possible, that you're near a Sun line regardless of the chart of the country or city you're in, and that could help, but given that astrolocality is relatively new and not thoroughly tested yet, I would prefer to depend on the actual influences created when a city or nation is birthed. Those influences are very real and highly observable. Transits to your Sun(in the same sign) also help but they are temporary or fleeting. You want something that is more permanent and pervasive.

The types of planets to your Sun are also important. Saturn and Pluto to your Sun are important but can be stressful or demanding. Neptune can be addictive, artistic, and space you out. Uranus will be exciting but challenging and often chaotic and unpredictable. Jupiter will be great and fortunate but can cause you to overindulge. Mars will energize and activate you but it can also bring quarrels and even violence. Venus will be pleasant and grounding. Mercury will be communicative or educational. The Moon will be comforting and supportive, and the Sun will of course represent your deepest yearnings or interests. An Ascendant match to your Sun(very difficult to ascertain in mundane astrology) will welcome or understand you readily, and an MC match will put you into some position of power, fame, or authority(supposedly).

In all cases here, we are talking about the conjunction or same sign link with a planet to the Sun. It does not have to be close by degree but may augment in power or intensity if it is. The opposition is next in power but can be divisive rather than reinforcing. The trine is also good but not as powerful, and the sextile is also good but requires more effort. All of these other aspects, however, cannot be compared to the conjunction or same sign, which really hits home.

In summary, countries, states/provinces, and city horoscopes with planets in the same sign as your Sun, preferably Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, or Ascendant, will be good places for your personal expression and ultimate fulfillment. Doubly so if one of your good planets also conjuncts the Sun of that city, state, or country. I would start with the country chart first which overrides the state and city levels. In terms of importance, the country chart can be likened to the Sun, the state with the Moon, and the city with the Ascendant. For a list of countries and their traditional planet placements see "Your Best Country" in the Locality section or look up the full chart online.

If you are stuck in a location that is non-expressive for you, you will have to mitigate this through good relationships or sub-locations, such as a company or building whose chart more closely reflects yours. Your own home may have such a chart, or you may "birth" such influences through land purchases or building your own home or starting a new company or project, or even creating art or objects with certain sign influences. Everyting has a chart, you just need to time it. Once a "thing" is birthed or created it will vibrate its influence permanently until its death or destruction. As an example, I would create orgonite or hhg's under certain planetary influences to favorably enhance my surroundings(or even person). Jewelry has the same effect.

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