Rulership in Astrolocality

Most astrolocality interpretations skim the surface, like Venus over a certain area promising pleasures, and this is fine, but which house is Venus lord of? Unless dignified, planetary map placements are simply visiting their location. The ruling house/sign area goes deeper as it is the planet's actual home or residence.

I am using whole sign houses in this article and degrees are omitted for simplicity and clarity. I am also considering both the traditional and modern sign/planet rulerships, as well as declination north and south of the equator. Below is Donald Trump's whole sign astrolocality rulership map.

As you can see, most of Trump's planets are located and ruling the northwestern hemisphere which is fitting since Trump makes it clear that the United States is his overwhelming primary concern.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the map is that all of his business house rulers, Mercury,Venus, and Saturn, are all in Cancer in the 12th house occupying the North American West Coast where many of his business ventures are located. Next are the 4th and 9th house rulers, Mars and Pluto, in the 1st house occupying Middle to Eastern America where he currently resides in and where he also has significant holdings.

All of the planets/rulers match up pretty well with the following maps of his current worldwide interests and holdings, with the exception of the far east which may be related to other less well known bodies.

You can gain greater insight into the workings of your own astrolocality map through the use of rulerships which interconnects many seemingly unrelated parts.

Dispositorship extends these links or interconnections even further. In Trump's case, for example, Mars, Pluto, and Ascendant in Leo disposit the Sun in Gemini(with Uranus), the Sun disposits Mercury in Cancer(with Venus and Saturn), Mercury disposits the Moon in Sagittarius, and the Moon disposits Jupiter(with Neptune). The MC disposits through Venus. In this way, ALL of his bodies and the houses they represent are linked in some way.

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