North and South in Astrolocality

While the Earth's equator divides north and south geographically, the ecliptic, which is the Sun's path, is what divides the sun's torroidal zodiac field into north and south. Both are off by about 23.5 degrees, and where they intersect is zero Aries(and zero Libra). All bodies except the Sun are either north or south of the ecliptic and this called latitude.

A planet's north and south latitude can be helpful in astrolocality, narrowing down the region each planet will manifest in most strongly. I've often wondered why there weren't tweve divisions from north to south just as there are from west to east (the twelve zodiac signs) so that the Earth would be divided into 144 regions(12x12), but north and south is better than nothing.

Below is Trump's astrolocality map showing his planets and factors. You will note that the vast majority of his planets are north latitude and over North America, where they should be. Only the Moon and Ceres and Chiron are south of the ecliptic and to the East. The Sun, North Node, Ascendant, and Midheaven are always at zero latitude and affect both north and south equally. In fact, the closer a body is to the ecliptic, the more it will affect both sectors equally.

Trump's planetary latitudes
Sun 00N/S00
Moon 0S02
Mercury 2N00
Venus 1N51
Mars 1N15
Ceres 8S37
Jupiter 1N22
Saturn 0N09
Chiron 0S57
Uranus 0N03
Neptune 1N29
Pluto 6N22
N.Node 00N/S00
Asc 00N/S00
MC 00N/S00

Where are most of your planets located with respect to the ecliptic and the signs/houses? This is where most of your activities should be occuring. I am using the whole sign/house system here. Even if you are not located in your busy sectors, you will still affect them indirectly, and they you. Oceanic sectors are subconcious or linked to sub-water civilizations.

The above is an Ascendant astrolocality map which is the most basic and important. It shows exactly where the planets were from your time and place of birth. There are many other Maps such as the Midheaven map, the Draconic map, the Local Space map, the Aspect map, the Transit and Progression map, the Minor Planet map, the Star map, and so on, all of which yield additional or complementary information.

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