If astrolocality really worked, surely the cities one lived in or had important experiences in would be indicated by planet lines. Yet in my case, the city I lived in for most of my life had no close lines to show for it. Even when I used the minor aspects and switched from mundo to zodiacal, the closest I had to show for it was a Venus/MC trine and a Moon/ MC semi-sextile both of which were hundreds of miles away.

Often, locality astrologers explain a no-line zone as one chosen by the individual to escape a difficult chart, and while my chart contains challenging configurations, I have basically led a quiet and stress-free life, so this may hold true. But uneventful? No. I even looked into the parans or crossings, and while there were some, I don't feel they are by any means as powerful or indicative as the angular lines.

Up to this point, I used only the major ten planets from Sun to Pluto, but then I decided to plot in the so-called "minor" planets such as Chiron and Ceres as well as many stars and some of the hypotheticals. I used three or four different locality programs for this but found the Janus program particularly helpful in terms of accuracy and versatility.

Of the over twenty extra astrological bodies I plotted in, only one stood out -Chiron! It went directly over the city where I have lived for over 45 years and still reside in. The interesting thing was that this Chiron line was a quincunx or inconjunct line which is considered a moderate rather than major aspect in astrology. The other thing was that it was a Midheaven line rather than an Ascendant line. MC lines, I find, seem to be more revealing when it comes to "important" places or occurences in one's life.

Using Google Earth, I zoomed up my city and plotted my Chiron MC quincunx line over it for closer inspection. My birth data was accurate enough for me to be able to do this, and following the line through the sectors and streets I was in for some amazing discoveries! At least two places jumped out at me immediately and both had to do with health and work! The first was a lovely country-like setting just outside the city(but always along the line) where I vacationed once as a youth and which held me spellbound in terms of its purity and invigorating effect. The other was where I had my last full-time job and which proved crucial to my current security and which made possible my life's work on the internet. The astounding thing is that the line EXACTLY crossed over the building of my workplace. In fact, I was able to nudge the Chiron line a little right through the front entrance of the building using full Google zoom and this even helped me to confirm my birth time and precision it to the half-second!

I left that job because of the physical strain, and like old Chiron himself, continue to suffer from some of the physical injuries I incurred there. My Chiron is in Aquarius so it affected my circulation, especially in the lower leg area(which this sign rules). The good thing was that I had enough money saved up and compensation to take time off and begin my true life's work which was the creation of my website.

I examined all my other Chiron locality lines across the globe and was surprised to see which cities popped up -cities which "clicked" with me and which the other lines totally missed. This could not be coincidental. How could such a small body as Chiron be so eye-opening in my astrolocality chart? Obviously, it's either more important than we give it credit for, or I have a particular individual resonance with this body.

Chiron was discovered by Charles T. Kowall on November 1st, 1977 and coincided globally with the awakening of the natural health movement and the growth of the spiritual or "New Age" movement. The ecology and our physical dependance on the planet hit home and continues to do so and feminine empowerment got a big boost as well. Chiron was a wise and instructive centaur who could help everyone but himself and ended up sacrificing his life and giving up his semi-immortality to relieve his pain, and in turn release the pain of others(Prometheus). Many astrologers like Barbara Hand Clow and Marguerite Manning link Chiron with Virgo while others like Zane Stein say Chiron is a process from Virgo to Sagittarius. It does have its perihelion in Virgo and spends the least time in Virgo-Libra. Its extreme 51 year orbit bridges the orbits of Saturn(the old) and Uranus(the new) and the Chiron return is said to be the most productive and meaningful time of one's life. Chiron is your gift to the world.

Different signs represent different houses or aspects. If Chiron rules Virgo, then it also rules the 6th house or quincunx aspect. The quincunx, however, is a double aspect(6th or 8th house). It's important to distinguish or differentiate the "double" aspects in astrology. The lower, dexter, or 6th house quincunx is not the same as the higher, sinister, or 8th house quincunx, even though they share some similarities. It's like saying Virgo is the same as Scorpio. There are actually twelve distinct aspects, just as there are twelve distinct signs or even planets. Houses can be viewed as aspects when you realize that they all stem from the Ascendant or Rising sign(planet Earth) and their relationship to it. This is especially evident when using the Whole Sign house system which I recommend.

When plotting Chiron lines(or any other planet lines), there will be one conjunction line(to Asc or MC), one opposition line(to IC or Desc), and(in more sophisticated programs), two lines for every other aspect. Jim Lewis astrocartography maps, for example, are in mundo(mundane) and show only the conjunction and opposition to the Asc and MC. The oppositions are labeled IC or Desc. This type of map shows only 16 and 1/3rd % of the potential in your astrolocality map. Programs like Kepler, Janus, or Matrix Horizons, on the other hand, can show all the other aspects as well, which account for the other 83 and 1/3rd %. While the Janus default is in mundo, Kepler recommends zodiacal mode. Mundo uses both longitude and latittude to project planet lines whereas zodiacal(or zodiaco) uses only longitude. Parans, on the other hand, are always in mundo, as they are mainly comcerned with Earth latitude. This dual way of projecting astrolocality lines is a sore sticking point with astrologers and needs to be settled if astrolocality is to flourish. Personally, I use the zodiacal mode which is the standard way birth charts, either natal or relocated, are calculated. When using mundo there will be a difference of a few degrees for some of the planet lines, especially Pluto which veers significantly from the ecliptic.

The Chiron line over my city is a 6th house quincunx line which is different from saying it's an 8th house quincunx line. This is an important distinction which can change the nature of the interpretation, and is be determined by comparing the signs involved. 5th house trine lines, for example, are more concerned with love or entertainment, whereas 9th house trine lines are more spiritual or travel-oriented, although both can contain elements of each other. Since Chiron is involved, however, any aspect line will have to blend in with the specific themes of this planet.

Aspects can also be grouped by their element. Earth aspects(2nd,6th,10th) are GAIN aspects and more favorable than water aspects(4th,8th,12th) which are LOSS aspects. Fire aspects(1st,5th,9th) are vital and invigorating whereas air aspects(3rd,7th,11th) are socially or intellectually stimulating.

It was in the summer of 1977, just a few months before Chiron's discovery, when I was initiated into the full study of astrology, and Chiron, as it turns out, was a teacher and initiator of the occult or mystical sciences. It was also around this time that sex and religion or spirituality became major issues in my life and Chiron, by localty or transit, will stimulate such awakenings. This is a maverick body that has been underestimated by most astrologers. It's great for timing and rectification and seems to point out all the significant or meaningful places in the astrolocality map -at least for me it did. The zodiacal mode of astrolocality works best for me but mundo can be experimented with as well.

If you want to teach, study, heal, awaken, or make a significant difference in other people's lives(Uranus), despite some of the hardships that may be involved(Saturn), consider moving or relocating under a Chiron line.

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