Johndro Locality 2020

Most astrologers still stick with the zero degrees Aries Greenwich Midheaven map for the mundane or world astrology chart. This is based on the British decision in 1851 to establish Greenwich London as the prime meridian of the world since naturally they were the world power at the time. Different prime meridians exist throughout history based on the ruling powers of the time and by no means are they the last word on where the true meridian actually exists. Since the world meridian or zero Aries point precesses at approximately one degree westward roughly every 70 years(the whole cycle is anywhere from 24 to 26 thousand years) it is not possible that the Greenwich meridian is still at zero Aries today. It might not even be in Aries at all!

Below are two world maps, one with the British World Prime Meridian(MC point) at zero Aries in Greenwich, and the other at 2.5 degrees Taurus based on Johndro Pyramid Cheops time in Egypt.

Zero Aries Meridian Map established in 1851 by Sir George Airy in England

Edward Johndro meridian map theorized in 1929

Looking at the maps, you will notice just over a sign(32.5 degrees) of difference between both. In the first map the Greenwich MC is still at zero Aries. In the Johndro map, the zero degree Aries MC point(also known as the vernal point) has moved 32.5 degrees westward, so that 2.5 degrees Taurus is the Greenwich MC in 2020, with 18 degrees Leo as the Ascendant.

Personally, I find the Johndro Meridian makes more sense with Gemini rising over the New York area, but this is open to debate. Scorpio rising over the Orient makes much sense as does Leo rising over Western and Eastern parts of Europe so the British Meridian is not too far off. One must also take into account the time factor: the blond Nordic peoples, for example, are Leo-like in physical characteristics, but their origins go back some two to three thousand years, when the Leo rising sector was further east. Same for Scorpio and China and Japan. USA is recent so that 245 years only equals 3 to 4 degrees movement of the sign sectors.

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