Your Relocated Ascendant

Your natal ascendant degree at birth remains the same or unchanging throughout your life and determines all other ascendant points on the astrolocality map or globe. The key to determining this natal ascendant degree is the meridian or longitude line running north/south directly over your place of birth.

In astrology, this line intersects the ecliptic or planetary path at its northermost overhead point and becomes your Medium Coeli, midheaven, or MC for short. The exact latitude of your birth along this longitudinal or MC line becomes your ascendant degree. The sign on this degree automatically sets up the houses or chart wheel which contain all your planets.

Moving north or south of the birthplace along the MC line causes the chart wheel to spin or turn changing the ascendant degree or even sign. In the traditionnal house systems such as Placidus or Koch, the ascending degree begins the first house, but in whole sign astrology(which this author advocates) the entire sign determines the house.

Moving or relocating far east or west of your birth meridian or longitude produces even more drastic changes in the relocaton ascendant. In relocation astrology only the houses change -your planetary positions in terms of sign or degree always remain the same. If your natal ascendant or 1st house is in Leo, for example, and you have Jupiter there, relocating west to a Cancer rising area will now cause your natal Jupiter to fall or relocate in your 2nd house.

If you have never moved far away in your life, then your natal ascendant will in all likelihood serve as your natural first house influence in the area you live in. In rare cases where the birth ascendant falls in the last degree of a sign, moving only a short distance can change the entire chart. One degree in astrology is roughly equivalent to about 60 miles of longiude/latitude on the map, although this varies in different latitudes, especialy as you near the polar regions.

A different relocated ascendant will never override the natal ascendant influence but it will have a modifying effect and will put the spotlight on a different sector of your chart. Also, it should be stressed that relocation astrology can never promise you more than what is already possible in your chart. Relocation works by activating different potentials in your chart which may remain dormant in certain locations. If you have a natal Jupiter-Venus conjunction, for example, and you are not experiencing its full rewards, then you may simply be in the wrong location for its manifestion. Moving it to a different house, especially in the first or tenth or even second, can bring forth its activation. The cardinal houses are the most potent activators in the chart followed by the fixed(material or substantial) houses and lastly the cadent(mutable) houses where planetary urges manifest mostly as thoughts or ideas.

The changes resulting from relocating to a different ascendant or house area on the globe may be quick or slow depending on your readiness to embrace the changes but it usually takes some months to set in. There may even develop slight changes in your personality or physical appearance in accordance to the part of your chart you are now directly under. Finally, you must also take into account the chart or horoscope of the new city or town you are now living in. Cities are just like people only on a vaster scale -they affect you and you them. If you live in a desert or jungle or uninhabited region, then you will have only your relocated chart to consider(and perhaps the geodetic influence).

In future astro locality programs, you will be able to cick on any city on the map
and see its natal horoscope, as well as your relocated chart and how the two combine

This will give you a more complete picture of the astrological influences affecting
your new location. The blue lines separate your (whole sign)Ascendant sectors

Computerized astrology makes it easy today to work with relocation astrology, but it is still in its infancy. As the technology develops, maps will become much more detailed and precise and it will be easier to pinpoint both the location and the influence. Satellite, local space astrology, and Feng Shui are making possible more local forms of astrology that do not necessarily require moving, but simply re-arranging the zodiacal properties or influences. Karl Hans Welz is a leader in this respect.

Your relocated ascendant sign is the key to your new location -its sets up all your houses for that location(using whole sign astrology). Your relocated Ascendant degree marks the most sensitive part of your relocated Ascendant sign and should be memorized. See what happens when this degree is activated by transits and progressions. Ever since I can remember I noticed that a certain degree was always fateful in my current location when activated by transits, and I later discovered it was only a degree or two away from my relocated ascendant.

What about the relocated Midheaven? I don't have sufficient info regarding this except to say that it does not always signify or equate with your relocated tenth house and should not be used to determine your houses. The MC can fall anywhere in the upper half of the chart and has a lot to do with the parents -usually the mother. I like to treat it as a planet within the whole sign house context. This makes sense when you realize that the Ascendant is the Earth's influence and the Midheaven is the influence of Earth's sky dome or Heaven.

Living on the border between two locality ascendants can be an exciting learning experience. Imagine commuting between two towns or cities each on the opposite side of your ascendant divide! You will(theoretically) experience two entirely different charts or life situations and will have the best(or worst) of both worlds! For this you need to know your birthtime to the exact minute. One minute on the clock will equate to roughly one mile in terms of terrestial longitude and latitude. Where exactly the influences divide along this one square mile of territory will be left to your ability to sense or perceive different energies. Spiritual or zodiacal energies are very subtle and will not hit you with noticeable force but their effects are definite and can be acknowledged over time.

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