Reference Maps

There is another way to study your astro-locality map without the use of all those planet lines and symbols -it's called an astro-locality reference map. You can set up the geodetic function in a modern astrolocality program to correspond to your natal co-ordinates and create beautiful incremental natal or relocated Asc-Mc reference maps for any location desired. The Ascendant and Midheaven lines can be displayed separately or together. Not all programs give this option or flexibility but one that does is the excellent Janus 4. Of course you will need to memorize or list the planetary factors and their degrees to make full use of these maps. Below are samples.

natal World Asc lines in steps or increments of 30 degrees

natal MC lines over Europe in steps or increments of 10 degrees

natal Asc and MC lines over England in steps or increments of 2 degrees

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