Astro-Locality Transits

While your natal astrolocality planets are permanent, influencing you throughout your life, your transiting astrolocality planets are temporary modifying influences.

To plan a trip or vacation, for example, the natal planets in your locality chart will give you a rough idea on what to always expect in the area, whereas transits there will temporarily modify, add, or take away from the situation.

The most important transits are of course are conjunctions, and for simplicity, we will use whole sign conjunctions.

Looking at the map, the native's natal planets are in red and the transiting planets are in yellow or gold.

Natally, this person's best vacation spots for fun and pleasure are where the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are located. The natal Sun (along with Mercury) covers eastern Brazil, natal Venus covers northwestern Africa, and natal Jupiter(along with Uranus) covers eastern Europe and the Middle East. These general areas will always be good vacation spots for the native unless bad transits spoil this.

In the chart, transiting Sun(and Mercury) are over northwestern USA and western Canada so that good times and communication can be had here. Transiting Jupiter doubles up with natal Jupiter(and natal Uranus) over Eastern Europe and the Middle East so that these areas are extremely fortunate for the native at this time. Transiting Venus(along with transiting Pluto) is over the central part of USA-Canada so that the native can expect a fair or even intense amount of gain or pleasure in this area during the time of these transits.

The worst place for the native at this time is southeastern Austalia and the islands where both natal and transiting Saturn are. There will be constant delays and difficulties here the nature of which will be revealed by the sign Saturn is in. Japan and mid-Australia are normally quiet and restful places for the native with natal Neptune there, but transiting Mars will stir things up and may challenge or irritate the native during the transit. With natal Mars over central America and eastern USA-Canada, there is always strife and activity here.

Transiting Moon and Neptune over the Carribean and most of South America, this is a good resort or retirement area, but the Moon transit is quick(2.5 days) after which the native will have only Neptune(much more ponderous) over the area. Neptune brings rest, introspection, and retirement, but also confusion and oversensitivity. Natal Pluto over India and central Asia remains unnaffected by transits, remaining the deep and transformative influence that it always is.

Note: the precise degree of a natal or transiting planet within a sign/house may show exactly where the longitudinal influence is at its strongest or most intense.

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