Astrolocality -What Is It?

Astrolocality is a novel idea in astrology that claims that moving to another country or location is like moving to another part of your birth chart. Your birth chart can be spread across the planet starting from your exact time and place of birth. This will show just where all of your planets, signs, and houses will lay out geographically. The place of your birth is in your Ascendant sign or 1st house and to the left and right of it are all of your other signs and houses. In Equal or Whole Sign astrology the Midheaven is considered as a planet but some like to use it to start a second set of houses, while others like to try to integrate the two giving rise to the unequal house systems such as Placidus. Personally, I feel only the Ascendant should be used to create the houses.
Kepler Whole Sign Astrolocality Map
So if Texas is in your Leo Ascendant birth area, California will be in the Cancer part of your chart, and the Atlantic will be in the Virgo sector of your chart(see Whole Sign Chart below). The planet lines in these signs/houses are focal points of activity. Cities on or near these lines will be affected intensely. Cities on or near the Midheaven lines will also be powerfully affected but in a different way. I have yet to see a program that shows both the sign/houses and planet lines together and this is sad. One must in effect draw up two separate maps, one showing the signs/houses and the other showing the planet lines. This is not acceptable and must be addressed in all future astrolocality programs.
Kepler Planet Line Astrolocality Map
The other problem is that unless one zooms up the map, there are likely to be too many lines on the world map making it rather messy. That's part of the reason why only the four angles are used, ignoring or downplaying the full set of lines based on the other aspects. I only use the seven basic whole sign aspects which are 30 degrees apart. There is even the question as to whether we should be using degrees at all. Using only the signs as aspects would clean up and simplify everything tremendously, but it would also take away the precision. If we use whole sign houses, why not go a step further and use whole sign aspects as well? Vedic astrology uses both whole sign houses AND aspects. Lines or signs? This is something I am struggling with in the elusive area of astrocartography as well as astrology in general.

To have an accurate astrolocality map you must know your exact minute and place of birth in addition to your day, month, and year. Every four minutes of birth(one degree astrologically) can cover as much as 50 or 60 miles of longitude on a map so it's important to be precise. This will show you just where(within 10 to 15 miles) a sign/house begins or ends. People who don't know their birth time must have a fair idea of their rising sign before any kind of rectification can begin.
Kepler Local Space Map
Astrolocality or Astrocartography as its pioneer Jim Lewis called it is relatively new in this era and needs a lot of work before it can be legitimized or firmly proven, but it appears to be taking off like wildfire and promises to be one of the cornerstones of astrology. I would advise not to take it TOO seriously at this point but do your own study and experimentation. Not all of us get to travel a lot and that's where one of it's limitations shows up. Fortunately, other forms of astrolocality like local space charts come to the rescue here, but even these need to be explored more extensively. Also, one must not forget about mundane or nation astrology. Every country or nation and even city has its own chart and this will no doubt have an impact on the native residing there. In an area where there is no city, the state or country chart takes over, and if in unchartered areas -that's where the global and/or locality chart dominates.

The current(since 1881) global or World chart starts with a zero Aries Midheaven at Greenwich, UK. Others consider the Cheops World Chart espoused by L.Edward Johndro with 2.5 degrees(2019) Taurus at Greenwich as the true Prime World Meridian. The truth is nobody really knows where the Earth's prime meridian is or even if one exists. Individually, however, we all have a personal Prime Meridian known as the Midheaven which cuts vertically across our place of birth. Meridians are the North-South polar lines belonging to the Earth while the Ascendant lines or houses are more tilted or slanted(23.5 degrees) belonging to the Heavenly sphere or field enveloping the Earth. This heavenly field has all the planets and stars whose info is transferred via the Earth's equator where the plane of the field(ecliptic) cuts. It's really more visual than scientific and is why the word APPARENT is so important in astrology. It's all about how everything looks from your starting point(birth), or from any other starting point.

The golden rule in astrocatography is that it can never deliver more than what's possible in your own chart. If you have a really good planet or aspect in your chart you will receive it's full benefits by moving to where that planet or aspect is highlighted in your astrocartography map. If you are not receiving its benefits it is probably because you are in an area where that planet is being opposed or squared or negatively challenged. Conversely, the effect of a negative planet in your chart can be minimized or nullified by placing it in a positive location. Relocating your planets in better signs or houses is what its really all about, but you'll find that no place is entirely good or bad -you're just changing the priorities, so decide what you want most and go after it.

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