Pluto and Ukraine

Pluto the planet of destrucion and reconstruction has been razing Ukraine since 2012 and will continue to do so until 2024. That's what happens when Pluto transits the Ascendant sign which for Ukraine is 16 Capricorn. Pluto is not only conjunct the MC but is also the ruler of Ukraine's Midheaven or MC which is at 20 Scorpio. A country's MC rules its destiny.

Here is the horoscope chart for Ukraine which became independent from Russia in August of 1991...

As soon as Pluto hit Capricorn in 2008/2009 big changes started happening for Ukraine. Underground or deep state forces began infiltrating it eventually leading it to its possession and demise. The changes did not really become apparent until around 2014 when a coup occured and the US/NATO-backed Zelensky regime was installed, and that's when the real horrors began.

I have chosen Jan.8,2012 as the entry date(at 7degrees34 Cap), but there are other dates as well due to retrograde motion. Between 2013 and 2014 Pluto exactly conjuncts Ukraine's natal Uranus and Neptune, and in 2015/16 it hits the Kiev Ascendant. The midpoint is 2014 -or the takeover of Ukraine by the West. Throughout 2016, Pluto hovers back and forth over Kiev.

Saturn joins Pluto between 2018 and 2019 heightening tensions there. In 2020, both Saturn and Pluto were conjoined between Odessa and Kharkov. On Feb.24, 2022, the day Russia invaded the Donbass region, Venus, Mars, and Pluto were transiting over eastern Ukraine. Pluto will continue to transit over eastern Ukraine until December of 2024 and into early January 2025 indicating the purge has still a few years to go as of this writing.

Ukraine, the breadbasket of the world, has been taken over by Western and globalist forces for a least a decade now(2012-2022), in the hope of expanding its New World Order imperialist empire. Its neighbour to the east, Russia, stands in the way of this, which is why the Biden regime sees it as a threat, and will do everything it can to bring Russia down. Russia, however, is resisting and is determined to maintaign its sovereignity, which is why it is currently at war with Nato and the West. Russia is liberating or exorcizing Ukraine of the demonic stranglehold there, but it comes at the cost of injuring and displacing the people there who have fled by the millions to other countries.

There is a vast underground(Pluto) beneath Ukraine, that is home to the elites, globalists, and alien beings. It is also a major hub for trafficking and laundering. Putin is in the process of exposing it all which is why they want him and Russia destroyed. It is a collossal battle of which most people have little or no idea about.

As of 2023-25, as Pluto moves into Aquarius, Ukraine will either be left in ruins or be ressurrected as a new nation. This is the power of Pluto(Shiva in Indian lore).

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