Localized Astrology

Astrology basically teaches that you are the center of your own universe and that everything is seen from this perspective. The horoscope birth chart depicts this centrality by using the exact time and place of the individual's birth to determine the APPARENT position of the heavenly bodies -including the Earth itself. Earth's zodiacal position is expressed via the Ascendant or Rising sign which become's the native's first house or most salient personal feature. The other heavenly bodies, including the inner sun-based MC, take their places accordingly.

Your Ascendant or Rising or Earth sign describes that one of twelve slices or longitudinal sectors of the planet where you were born. The Rising degree, which is where the eastern horizon meets the ecliptic at birth, narrows the longitude even further. Latitude is not considered because our current form of astrology is basically a longitudinal art or science based on the Earth's tilt and its west to east rotation.

It is not the Earth itself which impregnates you with a particular Ascendant energy, but the Earth's field, which is electromagnetic in nature and has the inner central Sun as its source. Our outer Sun may well be a projection of this inner Sun, or at the least is strongly linked to it. This magnetic field or torroidal field around our planet(known scientifically as the Van Allen belts) is cybernetic in nature, meaning it contains all the programming information for life on Earth. A planet or plane's inner central sun is the mechanism that sustains or regenerates our plane. In astrology, this inner central sun is represented by the Midheaven or Imuen Coeli which means "the middle of the sky". In other words, the center of our sky or heaven also correlates to the center of our plane or planet. The MC-IC longitude at birth runs not only vertically across the planet, but right through it to its very center where the innser sun is located. This Inner Central Sun or throne of Zeus/Jehova may in fact be a projection device for the heavenly bodies against the dome above us.

Our Earth's Inner Sun not only powers our Earth but illuminates and warms it and is the source of the Aurora lights which stream through the Earth's polar openings. Knowledge of this sun is a great secret among the elite who consider their deity. It supposedly makes its presence known every 1800 years when two suns are briefly seen in the sky for one 24 hour day, known biblically as the Day of the Lord. Olaf Jansen speakls prolifically about this reddish "planet" in his book The Smoky God". Now you know why the MC is so important as a power point in the birth chart.

Untill modern times, astrology was largely in the hands of the royals or ruling classes, but is now generally available to everyone -especially with the advent of computers and the internet. Like in ancient Rome, astrology is becoming a popular pass-time as more and more people search to find true meaning and purpose in their lives. Astrology connects us to the cosmos in a beautiful and meaningful way and needs to be reinstituted in our schools and learning centers as should all other esoteric arts and sciences. There is nothing demonic about them -only a misguided or repressive religious body would have you believe this. The Vatican itself is a great believer and user of astrology despite its outward condemnation of it.

Astrology has generally evolved from a prognostic or mundane art to one of personal study or illumination. The ancient Greeks popularized the personal horoscope as we know it today but in a much simpler form. Hellenistic astrology basically used whole signs and aspects and this remained in force until about 600 to 700 AD when it underwent significant changes under Moslem astrologers. Degrees now determined the houses and aspects instead of whole signs and this spawned many conflicting house systems and interpretative techniques. It wasn't until recently that astrologer Robert Hand revived the ancient and original form of whole sign astrology. This author fully supports his work.

One of the most promising aspects of modern astrology is astrolocality which was spearheaded by Jim Lewis in the late 1970's and early 1980's in the form of AstroCartoGraphy. Astrolocality puts astrology on the map and answers the question of WHERE as opposed to what or how. Your chart can be spread out across the globe showing just where your planets, signs, and houses are playing out. Your Ascendant sign or first house is your general birth area and the other signs and houses follow to the left or right of it aroumd the globe. Relocating to another sign or house shifts the emphasis to that part of the chart and a new chart can then be drawn using the same birth time but a different location. Planets shifting from fixed or cadent to cardinal houses or to the sign on the MC gain new or added prominence, and those that leave fade in power. Relocating can be likened to changing your name or adopting a new mate. You carry your baggage with you, however, and the new location cannot promise you more than can be delivered by the natal chart.

One of the complaints about astrolocality is that most people simply can't afford to travel much, therefore don't have much opportunity to explore their astrolocality potential. This is a valid argument and is where localized astrology comes in. You can theoretically experience all aspects of your chart from the current location. The key lies in an understanding of the zodiacal sphere which can encompass any location or be of any size. If the celestial sphere can be brought down to the Earth sphere, it can also be brought down further to the individual sphere -the space immediately surrounding the individual. This surrounding field(not to be confused with your aura or more personal biological field) is the same as that surrounding our plane or planet, only on a much smaller scale. You in effect have a mini zodiac field surrounding you or your immediate location. One has only to align one's current locality coordinates with the compass points making the eastern horizon the new first house or Ascendant point. This is what known today as a Local Space Chart(introduced to us by the expert astrocartographer Michael Erlewine). This technique is like Feng Shui only more accurate! The center of your house or residence, in effect becomes your new chart calculation point(using the same time, month, and year of birth). The eastern horizon becomes your new first house(see diagram below).

A compass will be useful if you are determining the directions in your room or the center of your home, or you can have this calculated online or through an astrolocality program. For larger map areas you can make a transparency of your local space chart and place it over a map with north, south, east, and west properly aligned(see diagram below). Then the fun begins as you see which parts of your room, house, neighbourhood, or city fall under which signs, houses, or planets. Everytime you relocate, you need to adjust your chart accordingly, especially if it is a distant move.

One of the benefits of local space astrology is that you can build or move things around(like furniture) to minimize or maximize certain zodiacal energies. Or you can face a certain direction or sit in the right chair or occupy a propitious part of a room, building, or neighbourhood. The elite do this expertly and even manipulate the planetary zodiac grid(often referred to as ley lines) to their advantage. How do you think they have so much power over us? True knowledge is indeed power.

Sensitive people who come into close contact with you immediately sense your astro field as well as that around your home. This field theoretically extends infinitely outwards, powered by the centrality of your being. We are truly miniature suns, planets, and stars.

Transposing a local space transparency wheel over a certain neighbourhood using Google Earth

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