Does Astrolocality Really Work?

There are a variety of techniques in astrolocality that can make it all rather confusing or complicated casting much doubt on the subject.

For example, there is the basic or traditional astrocartography pioneered by Jim Lewis which uses in mundo aspects to draw out planetary lines conjuncting or opposing the Asc, MC, Desc, and IC. The modern version uses zodiacal aspects.

There is the mundane or world map which uses 0 Aries MC at Greenwich, England. Competing with this is the Johndro world map, based on Pyramid Cheops time, which advances the Greenwich MC point to 2.5 degrees of Taurus for the year 2020. There are also other World Meridians both ancient and modern.

There is local space introduced by Michael Erlewine which uses the birth or relocated point to draw out the planetary lines in radial fashion. There are the paran lines created by the intersections of the ASC, MC, Desc, and IC lines, which take into account latitude. Finally, there are individual national horoscopes or charts.

Here is a map taking into consideration only THREE of the techniques mentioned, namely the main astrolocality angle lines(purple), the local space lines(green), and the parans(black)...

main lines, local space, and parans of Donald Trump and already it can get quite messy, unless zoomed up.

Perhaps all of these techniques are valid and complementary but they can be overwhelming to the beginning astrologer. When zoomed up however,
this mess clears up somewhat and more information can be added. The real problem, however, appears to be the use of degrees, especially concerning
the houses. Same for the planets. First get the signs or elements right, then worry about the degrees which are points of intensification .

close up of first map plus added natal USA and Johndro 2022 charts

This problem of the houses clears up dramatically when using whole sign houses. I use the original Gemini rising United States Chart
which places Trump's Sun in the Washington/New York sector in the USA whole sign map. This is also so in the 2022 Johndro World Map which
is astonishingly similar(only 1 degree 09 min off)to the natal USA map, whose MC is at 3Tau42 at Greenwich. Both will merge exactly in about 80 years.

Whole sign maps without degrees or even planetary lines give you the big picture, allowing you to place whichever planets you want in whichever sectors. Our planetary dome, so long as it's not tampered with, will give us the same sign/house parameters for ages past and ages future. The Earth is a fixed plane and so is its astrology. The stars never change, but the moving planets or heavenly bodies, on the other hand, are much more subject to change, even though they've been quite stable in their orbits for hundreds or even thousands of years.

That every locality has its own peculiar influence, and that it interacts differently with each of us, there is no doubt. Astrology is a powerful way to map or understand these locational interactional influences. The Jim Lewis type astro-locality/cartography we practice today, which is less than 50 years old, is an inner-based type of astrolocality, meaning it is triggered by one's own space/time dynamics. All births or beginnings, organic or inorganic, create their own astrolocality fields which react with one another. This includes this particular incarnation of the Earth itself whose beginning is still a mystery and whose true chart only its Creator knows.

Does astrolocality work? Yes, but we are only in the early stages of understanding it. At the moment, much of it is theoretical and the only real way to know how effective it is is to travel a lot and be observant and sensitive to the changes. Unfortunately most of us rarely get out or go far enough to experience the full range of influences and potentials of our charts. It all starts with the natal chart. Your chart can't deliver beyond its limitations which are set at birth. Going to a Jupiter location or line won't promise much unless it's strongly placed or well configured at birth.

Every location has its's good and bad or something different to offer and unless your chart is really extreme or one-sided moving to another Ascendant or MC sector won't be all bad or all good. A lot depends on what you want or are looking for. Different sign/house sectors(I use whole signs) will emphasize or downplay different parts of your chart and the effect can be immediate or take months to become evident.

You do not have to use all of the locality techniques. I would concentrate on the main angle lines and use zodiacal rather than mundo. First note the whole sign and house the planets are in or move into which sets the general mood and then hone in on the degrees for maximum intensity. Next is local space which works best within the sector in question. Paran lines are interesting but tertiary considerations. Cities are entities all within themselves and their charts are definitely important in relation to yours. Sparsely inhabited areas have no chart except that of the state our country they're in. The geodetic or World chart(I use Johndro over the 0 Aries MC/Greenwich version) is interesting to note but very vast in scope and highly speculative.

It may be that the Earth plane itself is actually a blank slate for the heavenly influences to imprint themselves on in a time/space fashion. Or the Earth itself has its own chart or specific sectors of influence. What about depth or below the Earth, or high above it, or moving to another world or universe? What will the astrology be like then and how will it react with your own specific field. These are all excellent questions to ponder in astrolocality. For now, however, it's best to concentrate on the here and now.

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