Orbs in Astrolocality

In astrolocality, planet lines have an influence beyond the line itself. This is called an "orb" (of influence). Jim Lewis, who pioneered astrocartography gave his lines a generous orb of 300 to 400 miles of influence on either side of a planet line and sometimes more, especially if the Sun and Moon were involved. A more conservative or effective figure would be 200 miles. Also, the mileage varies depending on the latitude, with very northerly or southerly latitudes requiring narrower orbs. Paran lines(latitudes where the Midheaven and Ascendant lines cross) are generally effective at 50 to 60 miles above or below the line.
Below is a United States map for Donald Trump showing his major planet lines and a few paran lines, as well as the orbs for each.

As you can see, each planet line covers a wide swath of influence which is of course strongest on the line itself. The two paran lines, which are of secondary importance, have narrower orbs or reaches. Longitudinally, they are strongest where the Asc and MC lines actually meet(signified by the black dots or bullets). Below is the same map from a different program. Here only the main planet ligns are shown.

As you can see, both programs cover about the same orb for planet lines which is a standard 2 degrees of longitude(on either side of the line). For paran lines, the standard orb is one degree of latitude(above or below the line).

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