Donald Trump Astrolocality Map

Donald Trump is perhaps the most significant president in United States history. His attempt to "clean up the swamp" and restore American greatness after a number
of failed presidencies marks him as a true leader and revolutionary. Whether you love him or hate him, his accomplishments are many, and his charm and power are
undeniable. Below is a series of whole sign astrolocality charts for President Trump whose birth data is well known.

Looking at the map, one can immediately see the Mars/Ascendant line going through Washington, signifying an active role in American politics. It also goes through Buffalo and Toronto showing much activity there as well. His Mars/Midheaven line going through eastern Europe and Africa shows him as a champion or fighter for those peoples. He also has some important lines going through the US-Canada west coast where he has many interests and investments, and the Sun and Moon lines going through Rio and Sao Paolo, Brazil shows he would be popular and have a good time there. The Pluto lines show possible areas of assasination as well as great transformation. In the USA it would be the Pluto/Ascendant line which also goes through Central America and Chile/Argentina.

In the following map we take a closer look at the United States where we of course see the lone Mars/Ascendant line in the east, and lot more lines in western USA where Trump likes to hang out more. Note that his Pluto/Ascendant line is not far from Dallas where another great Gemini President was assasinated. Ponderous Sedna goes through devilish Denver, healing Chiron and social Juno go through Salt Lake City and Phoenix, money-making Venus skirts Seattle and Las Vegas. Obstructive Saturn crossing the California-Arizona and Mexico border shows where he is most anxious to solidify his wall(Saturn rules walls), and maverick Eris and glamorous Neptune go through the entire west coast. The colored areas show his signs and houses; yellow is Cancer and the 12th house, orange is Leo and the 1st house, and blue is Virgo and the second house.

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