Important Astro-Locality Sectors

There are at least two important sectors or signs in one's astrolocality map and where they fall on the map, and where their rulers are located, are of primary importance to the native. These are your Ascendant and Midheaven signs or sectors(and their ruling sectors). The Ascendant sector defines your general area of birth or entry into this world while the Midheaven sector(and its ruling sector) defines your general areas of destiny or mission in life.

Below is Donald Trump's whole sign map with his most important sectors being Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo...

As you can see, Donald Trump was born in the Eastern United States, Jamaica(Queens), New York to be exact, and it is here, in his Leo rising sector, where he will feel most at home and be himself. His ruling sector(ruled by the Sun) is Gemini which contains Hawaii, so that he will also feel at home here. His Midheaven sector is Taurus which is in the Pacific and contains various Islands, but his MC ruler, Venus, is in Cancer which contains the west coast of USA and Mexico where he is building a wall(Saturn is also there) to try and resolve the US/Mexican immigration issue.

One can also look at the opposing sectors and their rulers for a balanced perspective. In my own case, the Mediterranean area is my Ascendant sector or area of birth. My ruler is also there, so it's a double whammy. My MC sector is in eastern Canada/US and where I am currently fulfilling at least part of my destiny through this website. My MC ruling sector is in India which may yet fulfill the other part of my destiny.

You can use your Asc and Mc degrees and their ruling planet degrees to hone in on the particular longitudes within the sectors. Your Ascendant degree, for example, indicates the specific longitude of your birth. In Trump's case, his Ascendant is in the 29th degree of Leo which runs directly through his hometown in Jamaica, New York. Venus, his MC ruler, is at 25 degrees of Cancer, running through Western Mexico, Arizona(Phoenix), Nevada(Las Vegas), Oregon, and Washington(Seattle), where he has many of his real estate properties.

If you wish to fulfill your destiny, take a look at your Midheaven sign sector or its ruling planet sector. This answers the WHERE. The WHEN depends on the transits or progressions to those sectors which is beyond the scope of this article. If you wish to simply be you and fulfil your personal destiny as is, simply remain in your Ascendant sign sector, or try the ruling(planet) sector.

Whichever of your twelve sectors you're in, natal or relocated, the planets in that sector and the ruler will be emphasized. Since Trump spends most of his time in his New York 1st House sector(Leo Rising), we can focus on all the planets and stars in that sector. Below is a close up of Trump's 1st house sector(orange area), and the various bodies running through it...

Pluto runs across the middle states and this is where he has to be careful. It's very close to Dallas, where the late John F. Kennedy's Pluto also was, and JFK was also a Sun in Gemini President back in the 1960's. Then there are two stars(Kochab and Dubhe) still in the middle state area. I am only listimg stars under 3 magnitude here. There are no major asteroids. Not much is known about the influence of Kochab except that it is associated with Venus and Saturn. Dubhe is traditionally associated with Mars and has a violent and destructive energy. The next star, Merak, closer to the eastern side, gives command and domination and is generally martial in nature.

Both Mars and Alphard are close together running through eastern USA and have negative connotations. Mars is of course fiery and aggressive and Alphard is associated with poisons and poisoned-like thinking as well as insect and snake bites and health risks. Next comes Regulus, the most important star here, closely conjunct Trump's Ascendant. Regulus is known for its regal and kingly generosity, wealth, ambition, and prominence, and is associated with both Mars and Jupiter. Regulus dominates the New York state area so this is the best place for Trump to be in. Since 2012, Regulus has moved into Virgo so that it(and Trump) will become more humble and servile with time. Both Mars and Alphard run very close to Washington DC. Finally there is Phecda going right over New York city. Phecda is also associated with Mars and not much else is known about it.

Studying your astrolocality map sectors is both fun and revealing and can often explain why you behave a certain way in one region and differently in another, or what events or situations you may be subjected to. Your angular sectors, especially your Ascendant and Midheaven, and their rulers, are of course the most important or eventful.

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