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Order your whole sign world map with a small donation.

Email me with your request and use the donate button.

Both links are at the bottom of my start page and this page as well.

Be sure to include your exact time and place of birth in your email. If I do not have
your exact time and place of birth, I cannot do your map(every minute that you are off is
50 to 60 miles off on the map)

After I receive your request and donation I will send you the map(s) by email.

Since Local Space is becoming an important part of astrolocality, I have decided to include it along with the regular locality lines(see Sample 1 and Sample 2. The orbs are shown as well: purple for the regular lines and green for the Local Space lines. These are the MOST IMPORTANT lines. There are others, but that's for more detailed maps. The maps are large, in ping(jpg also available), and printable.

If you wish more specific maps (greater close ups), or extra planets, you must indicate this in your email, and this will of course require a larger donation to cover the work. I do not do interpretations, but here are some basic guidelines: both sets of lines support each other and where any lines cross and their latitudes are powerful locations. To get more information on any planet line you must know what that planet means in your chart(sign and house position, etc.). I use and recommend whole sign houses with the Ascendant as the first house.

The email and donation links are below.

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