Political Sun Signs

It's interesting to observe the most prominent public figures of the day and to analyze their Sun signs. Of course Sun signs is only part of astrology, but it does give some inkling of which signs dominate a particular field, in this case politics.

From the examples below, it appears all twelve Sun Signs can be equally involved in politics, so that the Sun alone is not the deciding factor. More likely, the houses or certain planetary aspects are involved. I have noticed however, that the most successful or well-liked politicians are born in the air signs, especially in the United States. Gemini(JFK, Trump) and Aquarius(Lincoln, Reagan) Suns appear to do the best here.

The most despised Suns appear to be in fire(Obama, Pelosi, Cuomo) or water(Hillary, Gates, Schiff), once again, especially in the United States. There are of course exceptions. Earth is a mix(Fauci, Rand Paul), but with a preponderance toward negativity. So most Sun signs do not do very well in politics. This is not surprising, considering the power and corruption they are subject to.

So our only hope in politics appears to be with the air Suns, especially Gemini and Aquarius(Libra is unifying but tends to vacillate). Why? Because both are generally positive and truthful and smart. Gemini is clever enough to see all the corruption and conniving enough to deal with it, and Aquarius believes strongly in truth and freedom and stubbornly sticks to it come hell or high water.

I would urge all those with with air signs strong in their charts to get involved in the social and political process for the benefit of all. We need to educate and expose everybody to the truth so that we can unite and overcome all of the current struggles we are all facing. Freeing up the media will of course be key to this.

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