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2016 Nov.21: Is the Earth a Planet?

2016 Dec.7: Half Deck Astrology

2017 Apr.24: Is Nibiru the Galactic Center?

2017 Aug.4: Do Degrees Matter?

2018 Dec.02: Making Astrology Great Again

2019 Feb.05: Astrological Significators

2019 Feb.14: Fun with Asteroids

2019 Feb.19: The Problem with the Angles
in the Birth Chart

2019 Feb.21: The Earth and Sky in Astrology

2019 Feb.22: Physical Beauty in the Birth Chart

2019 Mar.4: Uranus moves into Taurus

2019 Mar.5: Mercury in Pisces: the Occultist

2019 Mar.11: Mars in the Sixth House: Heal Thyself

2019 Mar.17: Jobs and Astrology

2019 Mar.27: Your Car Has A Birthday!

2019 Apr.10: An Astrological Look at the Modern Family Show

2019 Apr.13: Sofia Vergara's Birth Time and Local Space Astrology

2019 Apr.17: A New Respect For The Astrological Houses

2019 May 3: The Real Birth Chart of Modern Italy

2019 May 8: The Pluto in Cancer(1912-1939) Generation is Dying

2019 May 18: Which Astrological Signs Do You Look Up To?

2019 May 31: The Double Rulership Scheme in Astrology

2019 June 2: Astrology Should Be Taught In Schools

2019 June 5: The Modern Planets Are Real - Face it!

2019 June 19: Cusps and Interceptions in Astrology

2019 June 21: What Is Your Primary Drive In Life?

2019 June 30: House Linkage In Astrology

2019 July 05: Subjective and Objective in Astrology

2019 July 06: Primordial, Individual, and Universal in Astrology

2019 July 09: Neighbouring Sign Pairs in Astrology

2019 July 29: Rahu is Not Uranus!

2019 Aug.2: What Makes a Planet Good or Bad in Astrology?

2019 Aug.4: Mercury and Venus: The Little Guys Doing Twice the Work

2019 Aug.12: Bare Bones Astrology

2019 Aug.21: Your Ascendant as a "Feeler"

2019 Aug.22: Your Personal, Social, Professional, and Private Planets

2019 Aug.26: The Midheaven Mystery

2019 Sep.9: Flipping and Rotating the Birth Chart

2019 Sep.22: Neptune in Pisces Is Collapsing Our Current Reality

2019 Oct.04: Tackling Planetary Exaltations

2019 Oct.24: The Outer Planets in 2020

2019 Oct.31: The Numerics of Astrology

2019 Nov.30: Retrograde in Astrology

2019 Dec.26: How Planets Work Together in Astrology

2020 Jan.06: The 2020 Stellium In Capricorn - How Is It Affecting You?

2020 Jan.08: The Archontic Nature of Astrology

2020 Jan.28: How the Zodiac Signs Think

2020 Feb.03: Housing the Ascendant

2020 Feb.03: UK Brexit Horoscope Chart 2020

2020 Feb.04: Mercury and Writer's Block

2020 Feb.09: How the Zodiac Signs Work

2020 Feb.17: Important Prenatal Planetary Placements

2020 Feb.19: Your Ascendant Rules your Appearance

2020 Mar.06: An Astrological Look at the Weimar Era(1919-1933)

2020 Mar.26: Housing the Midheaven

2020 Apr.16: Parental Influences in the Birth Chart

2020 May.03: Transits and the Balance of Power

2020 May.06: CoVirgo-19

2020 Jun.12: Aquarius and Your House of Genius

2020 Sep.8: Who Makes the Best Astrologer?

2020 Oct.12: The AC and MC as Definers of Self

2020 Oct.15: USA's Pluto Return

2020 Oct.27: Planetary Transits for 2020-2021

2020 Nov.24: Signs of Freedom in Astrology

2020 Dec.01: You Don't Always Show Your Sun Sign

2021 Jan.04: Jan.6th, 2021 - Judgement Day for America

2021 Feb.26: State Signs USA

2021 Apr.12: The Astrology of the Fantastic Four

2021 Jun.19: Are You Hard on Yourself?

2021 Jul.05: You Are Not Just One Zodiac Sign

2021 Jul.24: New Planets, New Resets

2021 Aug.5: We Have Twelve Bodies

2021 Aug.6: Political Sun Signs

2021 Sep.17: Pluto In Scorpio Generation Matures

2021 Oct.21: Planetary Cycles of Growth

2021 Nov.1: Accessing Your Super Planets

2022 Feb.6: Sedna's Move into Gemini

2022 Feb.15: Eris Is Teaching Us To Fight

2022 Mar.29: Dwarf Planets in Astrology

2022 Apr.21: Planet Trios in Astrology

2022 Jun.01: Those Treacherous 12th House Sign Aspects

2022 Jun.23: The Beauty of the Air Signs

2022 Jun.26: Neptune in Aquarius: the Strangest Placement of All

2022 Jul.05: Stationary Neptune Aspects

2022 Jul.14: 144 Flavors in Astrology

2022 Aug.06: Sun Versus Ascendant Paths

2022 Aug.20: Taurus and Scorpio: the baddest Sun Signs

2022 Sep.23: Master Degtees in Astrology

2022 Oct.02: Uranus and Your House of Freedom

2022 Nov.03: The Ascendant and Midheaven as Timers

2022 Nov.14: Astrological Predictions for 2023-25

2022 Nov.22: Etamin the Dragon Star

2022 Dec.12: Mars Retrograde In Gemini 2022-23

2022 Dec.20: Why the Planets Need to Reverse Their Courses

2023 Jan.01: Generational Good Times

2023 Feb.20: Quaoar the Oddball Planet

2023 Feb.26: Planets X, Y, and Z

2023 Mar.01: Your Draconic Chart and Map

2023 Mar.19: Why Sidereal Astrology is Off When it Comes to the Signs

2023 Mar.23: Infinite Zodiacs

2023 Apr.22: Pluto and our Perception of Time

2023 May.20: Astrologers Want More Planets

2023 May.28: How Was Your Pluto in Aquarius?

2023 Jul.16: Pluto Retrograde and Karma

2023 Jul.19: The Power of Saturn

2023 Sep.22: Trojan Astrology

2023 Sep.29: The All-Important Ascendant

2023 Nov.19: The 10th House and Your Title

2023 Nov.21: Chiron Deserves More Respect

2023 Dec.03: 2000 OO67 A Fascinating Centaur

2023 Dec.04: USA Chart: the Good and the Bad

2023 Dec.17: Planetary Circadian Rhythms

2023 Dec.28: The Geometry of the Zodiac

2024 Jan.01: 2024 World Astro Chart and Forecast

2024 Feb.2: Memorable Times for Masculine Signs

2024 Feb.16: Haumea in Scorpio 2022-2050 AD

2024 Mar.06: Polaris and the Black Sun

2024 Mar.14: Sabian Style Degree Theory

2024 Mar.14: A Planet Between Mercury and Venus?

2024 Apr.20 Astrology is the Science of Life

2024 May 23 Eris and Libra Planets

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