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2016 Nov.21: Is the Earth a Planet?

2016 Dec.7: Half Deck Astrology

2017 Apr.24: Is Nibiru the Galactic Center?

2017 Aug.4: Do Degrees Matter?

2018 Dec.02: Making Astrology Great Again

2019 Feb.05: Astrological Significators

2019 Feb.14: Fun with Asteroids

2019 Feb.19: The Problem with the Angles
in the Birth Chart

2019 Feb.21: The Earth and Sky in Astrology

2019 Feb.22: Physical Beauty in the Birth Chart

2019 Mar.4: Uranus moves into Taurus

2019 Mar.5: Mercury in Pisces: the Occultist

2019 Mar.11: Mars in the Sixth House: Heal Thyself

2019 Mar.17: Jobs and Astrology

2019 Mar.27: Your Car Has A Birthday!

2019 Apr.10: An Astrological Look at the Modern Family Show

2019 Apr.13: Sofia Vergara's Birth Time and Local Space Astrology

2019 Apr.17: A New Respect For The Astrological Houses

2019 May 3: The Real Birth Chart of Modern Italy

2019 May 8: The Pluto in Cancer(1912-1939) Generation is Dying

2019 May 18: Which Astrological Signs Do You Look Up To?

2019 May 31: The Double Rulership Scheme in Astrology

2019 June 2: Astrology Should Be Taught In Schools

2019 June 5: The Modern Planets Are Real - Face it!

2019 June 19: Cusps and Interceptions in Astrology

2019 June 21: What Is Your Primary Drive In Life?

2019 June 30: House Linkage In Astrology

2019 July 05: Subjective and Objective in Astrology

2019 July 06: Primordial, Individual, and Universal in Astrology

2019 July 09: Neighbouring Sign Pairs in Astrology

2019 July 29: Rahu is Not Uranus!

2019 Aug.2: What Makes a Planet Good or Bad in Astrology?

2019 Aug.4: Mercury and Venus: The Little Guys Doing Twice the Work

2019 Aug.12: Bare Bones Astrology

2019 Aug.21: Your Ascendant as a "Feeler"

2019 Aug.22: Your Personal, Social, Professional, and Private Planets

2019 Aug.26: The Midheaven Mystery

2019 Sep.9: Flipping and Rotating the Birth Chart

2019 Sep.22: Neptune in Pisces Is Collapsing Our Current Reality

2019 Oct.04: Tackling Planetary Exaltations

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