USA's Pluto Return

In July of 2022 The United States of America will experience its first Pluto return. In astrology this means that Pluto will return to its same natal position as the USA birth chart, heralding momentous transformative changes that will completely reshape the nation -for better or worse.

This process actually began in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, but the peak or climax point will occur in the summer of 2022 when Pluto hits the same degree and minute retrograde(27Cap34 r) as the USA natal position on July 10th 2022, six days after the nation's 246th birthday.

The planet Pluto(discovered by Perceival Lowell in 1930 - hence the PL symbol) takes about 247 years to make one complete orbit and this is known as a return in astrology. A return signifies a resetting or reshaping of the status quo, eliminating the garbage and rebuilding on what good is left. This is precisely what America is experiencing right now; all the drudge and decay of the past 246-47 years is surfacing to be cleaned up. This can be political, social, financial, or in any other way.

Natal Pluto in Capricorn gives the USA and it's peoples toughness, endurance, and much business or organizational power, somewhat balancing the softer more emotional and domestically inclined Cancerian grouping involving the Sun. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter(USA is born July 4th, 1776). Moon in Aquarius wants personal freedom, truth, and independence. Saturn in Libra is the policeman of the world meting out justice and Mars and Uranus in Gemini leads in education, advertising, communication, and areonautics. Neptune in Virgo makes Americans hardworking, exacting, critical, and analytical. The Rising sign is in dispute. Some say Gemini(with Aquarius Midheaven) while others say Sagittarius(with Libra Midheaven). The North Node is in Leo.

In the Sagittarius rising chart, Pluto is in the 2nd house and in strong trine to both Neptune and the Midheaven, making USA a financial powerhouse with a mystical mission. Birthed by Freemasons, it has indeed become a financial as well as a political, military, and social superpower, leading the world in th 20th and early 21st centuries. It stands for freedom and true democracy(Uranus in 1st, Moon/MC in Aquarius?), and the pursuit of happiness(North Node?). It has amassed great power and wealth from God through Abraham beginning around 1800 AD and lasting up to 1950 AD after which it started declining due to corruption and immorality. In 2020, USA stands on the brink of collapse, both financially and socially, as left wing elements continue to infiltrate and overtake the reigns of power.

It appears the PLUTOcrats (those of great power and wealth) are currently steering the USA into their own globalist New World Order. Whether they succeed or not remains to be seen, and seen it will be in the coming few years, as America experiences its first Pluto return or reset.

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