Aquarius and Your House of Genius

The sign of Aquarius is the sign of genius, as well as truth, freedom, and friendship. While not everyone has planets in Aquarius, this sign is somewhere in your chart, and the house its in will describe where you will employ the characteristics of this sign. Below are brief descriptions of the house this sign is in according to your Sun or Rising sign.

Sun or Rising in Aries: Aquarius is in its natural 11th house here so that genius is expressed through friendship and humanitarian goals or activities. You are a fiery proponent of truth and freedom and seek the company of like-minded people. You surprise others with your inventiveness and ingenuity and blatant truth-telling. You have a natural talent for electronics and science in general and like to stay ahead of the game in any field you choose to work in. Many of your friends will be Aquarius types.

Sun or Rising in Taurus: Aquarius occupies your 10th house of career and reputation giving you scientific or altruistic ambitions. Your career will be both original and avant-garde and will be realized through friends and social groups. Good careers for you are politics, science, aviation, astrology, activism, and the funding of humanitarian goals or products. You are an ingenious builder, planner, and organizer. Aquarius types figure prominently in your choice of career or life path.

Sun or Rising in Gemini: Aquarius occupies your 9th house of travel, faith, and fortune, making you an ingenious philosopher, explorer, teacher, and publisher. Growth only happens when you are free and independent. You do not believe in borders, liking to mix freely among other cultures, and many of your friends are from foreign countries. Truth is your religion and freedom is your modus operandi. You make a good astrology teacher.

Sun or Rising in Cancer: Aquarius is your 8th house of hidden or forbidden matters such as sex, death, occult, and other people's money or resources. You are a genius when it comes to researching or investigating using your 6th sense to do so. You harbour many secret truths and seek to shed light on the mysteries of death, sexuality, and reproduction. You are also ingenious at capitalizing on business and investment opportunities. The death of a friend transforms you.

Sun or Rising in Leo: Aquarius is your 7th house sign drawing to you Aquarius types of partners and associates. You have a genius for linking people and groups together. Your own relationships are unstable and unpredictable and divorce or separation is not uncommon. You give freely to others and expect them to be open and truthful. You can make an excellent relationship astrologer.

Sun or Rising in Virgo: Aquarius is on your 6th house making you an ingenious but erratic worker. You are good with tools and electronics and come up with solutions intuitively and in flashes. You cannot follow a strict schedule and have an unstready work record. Illnesses are sudden and disruptive and often involve blood circulation. Injuries to the shins and ankles are common. You often work for free or with little pay as you naturally like to help others, but are often taken advantage of by more selfish types. Aquarius people make your best employees.

Sun or Rising in Libra: Aquarius falls in your 5th house of love and pleasure giving you a very liberal or experimental attitude here. You like the excitement and challenge of love and can come up with some pretty kinky or bizarre ideas when it comes to sex. You are a creative genius with artistic flair and your lovers and children reflect this. Aquarius types spark your juices.

Sun or Rising in Scorpio: Aquarius is your 4th house so that you have a liberal attitude towards home, family, and roots. You treat family members as friends and vice versa. Your home is equipped with all the latest gadgets and technology and it is your base of study and communications. You are a genius when it comes to caring, protecting, or providing for others. Your mother was very Aquarian in character.

Sun or Rising in Sagittarius: Aquarius is your 3rd house making you an ingenious writer, speaker, or communicator. You speak truthfully and bluntly and come up with amazing and unique ideas. You have a wide view of things and can see into the future. You are also ridiculously funny, clever, unpredictable, and "crazy". You communicate best with Aquarius types.

Sun or Rising in Capricorn: Aquarius occupies your 2nd house so that you come up with new or ingenious ways to make money and wealth. Friends, groups, and organizations and an honest and open attitude are keys to building your wealth and prosperity. You see in advance and plan accordingly. Science, technology, and electronics are profitable fields for you.

Sun or Rising in Aquarius: As your 1st house, Aquarius makes you personally likeable and attractive but also strange and unpredictable. You are intelligent, unique, independent, truthful, and freedom-loving. People think you are a genius but also a little far out. You have many friends but like to keep your space or distance. Your interests include science, technology, computers, astronomy, astrology, and anything unusual or futuristic.

Sun or Rising in Pisces: In the 12th house, Aquarius gives you an intuitive genius and many weird dreams or fantasies. You secretly wish to be free and independent but can't quite make this happen. You also have many hidden truths and revelations but keep them to yourself. You have an ingenious way of sensing peoples thoughts, desires, and motives, and would make a good psychologist or even astrologer.

Note: Planets in Aquarius or the ruler of Aquarius will give more information.

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