Astrologers Want More Planets

Remember the early 2000's when new planets, or minor bodies, were being discovered on a continual basis, injecting new blood into both astronomy and astrology? Those were interesting and exciting times, but it's been pretty quiet since then, and star seekers want more.

The growing population is ever hungry for truth, knowledge, and self-exploration and identity, and the symbolism of the heavens is one way of satisfying this hunger. The heavenly bodies are not there just for good looks. They mirror our hopes and dreams and desires, and the science or art that links us to these mirrors is called astrology. Astronomy is the tool for measuring (and discovering) the astrological influences.

Does astrology conflict with the bible or religion? Not at all. Genesis 1:14 states that the heavenly bodies were meant for "signs and seasons" and many of the prophets such as Daniel were expert astrologers. Jesus was the ultimate astrologer selecting twelve apostles representing the twelve signs. It is the hypocritical religious leaders themselves, out of jealousy and control, who have branded astrology as satanic, while privately using it themselves. The withholding of astrological truths, which in my view, should be taught in every school, is absolutely unforgivable.

For centuries, only the seven visible heavenly bodies were known and used by students of astrology. These bodies were the two luminaries or lights - Sun and Moon, and the five "wandering stars" - Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. With the invention of the telescope, three other major bodies were discovered: Uranus in 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930. Minor bodies such as Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta were also discovered between 1801 and 1808 and others later on.

In 1977, Chiron, the first of a series of new bodies called centaurs, was discovered, and in the 1990's, with more powerful telescopes, the Kuiper belt or minor planet region beyond Neptune was confirmed. In the early 2000's "dwarf" planets like Quaoar, Haumea, Makemake, and Sedna were discovered. Most notable was Xena or Eris in 2005 which rivaled Pluto in size, and which re-categorized Pluto as a dwarf planet. The Pluto-Charon nuclear dynamo, has of course proved itself to be a major planet and influence regardless what the astronomers say. No larger bodies were found or announced since. Whatever happenned to that "planet nine" astronomers conjectured for years, or the Transpluto of Theodore Landscheidt and Lynn Koiner?

Most Western astrologers work with ten planets or bodies (seven traditional and three modern) plus the Ascendant or Rising Sign which stands for Earth. These eleven factors are major and proven influences. Others like to include the MidHeaven and North Node, as well as Ceres and Chiron. Most Hindu or Vedic astrologers do not use the modern planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, holding on to tradition, which is a mistake in my view, but include Rahu and Ketu which are the North and South nodes.

Personally, I use both the traditional (Sun to Saturn) and modern (Uranus to Pluto) bodies plus the Ascendant and Midheaven, but like to experiment with all the others, stars included. I firmly believe there are two other major bodies waiting to be discovered or confirmed which will liberate Mercury and Venus from their double sign-ruling status. Venus will prove to be the real ruler of Taurus and Mercury of Gemini, and In the end, there will be twelve main bodies -one for every sign. The other remaining bodies will serve as lesser or minor influences.

Our controllers have the full or complete astrology, but they are not revealing it all at this time. Uranus(1871), Neptune(1846), and Pluto(1930) were three steps in the completion process bringing us from 7 to 10 but two more steps are required. Eris(2005) may be the 11th step but this is not yet confirmed. Each step transforms humanity, also bringing it to completion.

Our controllers also control the release of each new planet's power and the timing of it all, which directly affects our DNA awakening process. This collective awakening is definitely controlled, but individually we can transcend it. Spiritually awakened individuals can readily access the influences of the still hidden, repressed, or unknown planets, and make use of them.

I cannot wait for the time when all bodies will be known, both major and minor, which will mirror all facets of our human experience. I feel there is a hunger or thirst in many right now to become complete on all levels, but that the process is being selfishly and artificially held back. Since our controllers live longer than us, we must be patient for humanity to achieve full realization, as we have been for the last few centuries.

In the meantime we can pre-occupy ourselves with all the other minor bodies astronomy has uncovered for us, such as all those innumerable asteroids between Mars and Jupiter of which Ceres is king. Most of the large ones are named and their orbits well-known and plotted in this age of computers, and their ephemerides readily available. These minor bodies fill in the details where the major bodies skim over. The naming of a body is important in astrology. It gives that body extra power or influence. Adam realized this when he named all the animals and plants and other items of Creation. God knows all the stars and heavenly bodies by name and so should we. So get to it Mike Brown and others and finish naming all those other bodies you've recently discovered. Don't wait fror the astronomical society to do it, which likes to drag its heels.

Another large group of bodies are the centaurs bridging the outer planets from Jupiter to Neptune, of which Chiron is king. At least twenty or so have been named and popularized, but many more haven't. Then there are the Kuiper belt objects or minor transNeptunian bodies of which Pluto is king. They are as innumerable as the inner asteroids and so many have yet to be named. Beyond Kuiper are the even less known scattered objects with orbits in the thousands of years, and beyond that are the "fixed" stars of which the most visible are named.

All of these numerous bodies have something to say about ourselves and the universe we live in through the lens of astrology. Each is an enshrined story or testimony of some great individual or event of the past, to be used for our own learning and guidance, and new ones are always being created. Astrology as it is, is far from complete and always unfolding, just as is humanity, and each of us can contribute directly to this unfolding process.

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