Sedna's Move Into Gemini(2023-2067 AD)

The planetoid Sedna, discovered on November 14, 2003 by Micheal Brown and associates is the first known of the very distant sednoids way beyond Pluto, with an orbital period of some 11,400 years. It is now heading towards the Sun with its perihelion around 2076 in early tropical Cancer. In myth it is associated with the Inuit godess of the sea who was cast overboard by her father to quell the vicious storms. In Astrology it symbolizes fate, victimhood, and transformation.

Sedna was in Aries between 1863 and 1967, in Taurus between 1965 and 2023, and will be in Gemini between 2023 and 2067 (overlapping of dates is due to retrograde movement). Sedna in Aries was a time of the birth of new nations, world wars, and new beginnings in general. Sedna in Taurus was a period of unparalleled financial growth and territorial consolidation, and Sedna in Gemini will see the development of AI and unlmited expansion of knowledge, communication, and conciousness.

Sedna first enters Gemini on June 16, 2023 until November 22nd of the same year after which it goes back into Taurus. It then goes back into Gemini on the 28th of April 2024 right through to 2065. Many financiers use Sedna transits to gauge financial trends, so could this signal the end of our current financial system and transition into the computerized or knowledge-based QFS(Quantum Financial System)?

Computers will not go away. Instead they will become more and more indispensible to our way of life. Most people are unaware that computer technology always existed but has been slowly leaked to the masses only recently. Computers or technology in general is not human-generated but is an off-world or underground phenomenon. The Greys are particularly involved here. They and other inner earth dwellers have organic computers which are far more advanced than what we surface dwellers have now. These computers respond to mental and emotional stimuli instead of just touch or the other physical senses.

Sedna in Gemini will also see the dissemination of faster local travel vehicules or modes of transportation. Safe forms of 5G or higher may well be introduced speeding up phone or internet connections. Perhaps best of all, we will learn (or relearn) to communicate telepathically and therefore do away with the more artificial or harmful technologies. The brain is after all, the best computer ever created, but it has been shut down or untapped for the most part.

Since Sedna is generally a negative, feminine, or subconcious influence associated with victimhood or treachery, there is a high likelihood that the information explosion in Gemini will be manipulated for nefarious purposes. Just as Sedna in Aries constantly uprooted our sense of self through war and emigration, or defrauded or scammed many of us of our wealth in Taurus, it may deplete or challenge the masses mentally in Gemini. One way this may occur is through the power of the media which seeks to control the way we think.

Positively, Sedna in Gemini will teach us to rely on our own innate resources for knowledge or information via our awakened senses. This can be done, for example, through meditation, dreams, astral travel, or accessing and reading the akashic libraries. We may be forced to let go of our dependance on others for our guidance(as did the Inuit daughter who was forced into the sea) and become transformed and illumined after our separation. Sedna teaches that in the end we are all on our own, as painful as that may be.

Sedna may find it's home when it transits tropical Cancer, the sign of its perihelion. It spends some 39 years here, the shortest of any other sign. It will be closest to the Sun in mid 2076 at 7-8 degrees tropical Cancer, in much the same way that Pluto had its perihelion in tropical 13 degrees Scorpio(the sign it rules) in September 1989. For more precise astrological positions of Sedna click here and here.

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