2024 World Astro Chart and Forecast

The general trend or tone of any year can be determined by its birthday chart which in our era, especially in the West, is January 1st. Universal time is still determined in Greenwich, UK, so that is the location base for the chart. So the world chart for 2024 is calculated for midnight, January 1st, in Greenwich UK, as pictured below...

Libra Rising is fine, as this is where it should be, but the Sun is not well placed in Capricorn. This placement, which occurs at the beginning of every New Year, forecasts the same old restrictive policies enacted by our governments for centuries, and it will be the same for 2024. We need happier and freer times, and this will only happen when we shift the start of the New Year to the spring equinox, which astrologically, is 0 degrees tropical Aries.

Pluto is still in Capricorn, albeit at the very end of the sign, signifying more government exposures and clean ups, but we may get a break or change when Pluto moves into Aquarius for most of 2024, starting on January 20th. In the 4th house, together with the Sun, Pluto will continue to shed more light into the underpinnings or workings of our domestic and social structures by getting to the root level of things. Lots is happening underground and it will surface up into our awareness so we can deal with it. With the US experiencing its Pluto return, America will see a final and complete purging of its old base and modus operandi in 2024. Pluto will make a final retreat into Capricorn from September 1st to November 19th, 2024 (a short and final clean up phase), before moving permanently into Aquarius.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars, all in Sagittarius in the 3rd house tell a very different story. There is much light-heartedness and hope here for 2024, counterbalancing the otherwise drab and pessimistic side of Capricorn. People around the world will speak openly and ethically about whatever concerns them, particularly finances and relations(Venus) and war and self-autonomy(Mars). Mercury is retrograde so expect delays, confusions, and mixups when corresponding, especially at the international level. Venus here signifies the forging of new financial agreements or contracts between neighbouring nations, and Mars of course, is activity, conflict, war, and heated exchanges.

Moon in Virgo in the 12th, in general square to the Sag grouping, reveals secret preparation and security measures around the world in case of war, financial collapse, and communications shutdown. These preparations or measures include the storage of food, the availability of shelter and clothing, medical supplies, ammunition, etc. Moon trine Jupiter and Uranus in the 8th will ensure these measures occur through benevolent or humanitarian organizations. Moon trine Sun(and Pluto) will see home-grown solutions or initiatives to this situation made possible by both public goverments and underground sources or economies. Moon opposite Saturn(and Neptune) in the 6th indicates public health challenges especially with drugs, housing, food shortages, and employment issues.

Jupiter and Uranus in the 9th has to do with an exceptional increase in foreign travel and immigration as well as a huge opening up or exposure to different cultures, religions, and ideologies or philosophies. No more borders or restrictions! This can be good or bad depending on who is involved or how the situation is handled. It also indicates the release or development of new and quicker ways of travel from one part of the world to another (or even beyond!) Our vision of our world and beyond will be expanded significantly during 2024, perhaps even including "aliens".

The North Node in Aries in the 7th indicates aggression and impatience with others, but also the oppotunity for new and challenging relationships. I noticed this restless mood or attitude in the public in the last half of 2023 and it will continue throughout 2024. Eris and Chiron in Aries may also be contributing to this agitation, as well as the simple fact that we are living in increasingly stressful and uncertain times.

MC in Cancer in the 10th indicates this world's purpose or mission during 2024(and most other years) is to be more sensitive and caring for others. Our families are indeed the pillars of our society and we should unequivocably treasure and preserve them. The greater international human family should also act or be this way.

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