Chiron Deserves More Respect

Artist's conception of Chiron, who like Chariklo, is likely of having rings

Tiny Chiron doesn't appear to warrant the attention of the larger planets in astrology, but then size isn't everything. And given NASA's plummeting reputation of late, who knows if 2060 Chiron is just a gas-spewing ragged rock some 200 kilometers across or something entirely different?

Tiny or not, Chiron appears to pack a considerable astrological punch. I've noticed this of late in many charts where it suddenly comes to life, and in other charts where it seems to be a mute point. What makes this centaur so special?

Well, for starters, it was the first discovered of a new class of objects called centaurs , which have been variously classed as asteroids, comets, or minor planets, or a combination of these. Chiron was discovered on November 1st, 1977 by Charles Kowall in the United States. Its irregular orbit of some 50 years appears to bridge the gap between Saturn and Uranus. Most centaurs orbit somewhere between Mars and Pluto.

Chiron's orbit bridging Saturn and Uranus

Some 20 other sizable centaurs have been discovered since Chiron, but none captures the imagination more than Chiron because of the myth associated with it. Chiron, unlike his debauched comrades, transcended his lower nature to become a great teacher, due in part to his differing lineage and in part to his crippling and permanent leg wound which prodded him on to greatness.

famous fresco of Chiron the centaur training Achilles with name and glyph added

Just as Pluto is king of the Kuiper belt objects, and Ceres king of the main asteroid belt, so Chiron is the king of the centaurs. It is no accident that these bodies are discovered first in their family of objects. Our controllers know full well which bodies are important and which are not , both astronomically and astrologically, and their discoveries are totally timed and controlled.

Another important body was "discovered" by the infrared IRAS satelite/telescope in 1982, but has been kept under wraps since then. This is likely to be the real 10th planet everybody is waiting for. Eris, discovered in 2005, is NOT that planet. So the order of official discoveries after Uranus(1781), Ceres(1801), and Neptune(1846), are...Pluto in 1930, Chiron in 1977, and Eris in 2005. Beginning in the 1990's up to the early 2000's, a whole host of other lesser bodies have been discovered, and then everything went quiet again.

All of these last important bodies have unusually elongated orbits and depart significantly from the ecliptic plane. They are almost comet-like suggesting they are new or developing influences in our being. The more circular planetary orbits have "settled down" and become stable and predictable parts of us. Everytime before a major reset of humanity, these mostly outer planets show up for us to deal with. I believe they bring into focus the collective development of humanity which includes the conflict between technology and organics.

Chiron is uniquely situated to bridge not only Saturn(the old) and Uranus(the new) but the entitre inner visible or traditional planets with the modern outer invisible ones, and has been given the symbol of a key. Chiron is the Christ force that acts as a bridge between man and god or mortality and immortality. It opened up New Age teachings and living in the 1970's and 80's. Astrology and the spiritual or occult sciences rocketed during this time(around 1977) and have grown ever since. Chiron himself was a master astrologer as well as healer.

Chiron has an approximately 7 degree inclination to the ecliptic, Pluto 17 degrees, and Eris 44 degrees. According to this ratio and other orbital parameters, I predict the next planet to have a 112 to 113 degree inclination and an orbital period of 1250 years. Harrington(deceased astronomer) gave his Planet X a period of just over 1000 years while Lynne Koiner gave it 1200 years. The orbit of Planet X will be highly eccentric or comet-like coming in from Sagittarius in the south.

Chiron's highly eccentric orbit causes it to traverse some zodiac signs much quicker than others. At perihelion or closest approach it goes through Libra in well under 2 years and at aphelion or farthest point it traverses Aries in just over 8 years. A planet's perihelion is often an indicator of its sign rulership. While Barbara Hand Clow gives Chiron to Virgo, Zane Stein gives it to Libra. Derek and Julia Parker include Chiron in their solar system pictorial and testify to its growing importance.

Chiron's stay in the signs

For an ephemeris showing Chiron's daily position from 1900 to 1935 AD click here.

A good way to single out and study the Chiron influence is to select charts where no other body occupies its sign. If Chiron is in Aries, for example, the chart should not contain any other planets in Aries, including the Ascendant and Midheaven. In this way, Chiron cannot "hide" or be occulted by another body and becomes exposed for all to see. If the Chiron placement or influence stands out, then it is validated.

I have done this with certain celebs, but sometimes new or emerging bodies like Eris and Ceres can get in the way. Catherine Zeta Jones is a case in point. It is obvious to me that she she has an Aries placement even though her chart doesn't have any Aries planets, EXCEPT for Chiron and Eris. At first I thought it was her Moon since it is so close to being in Aries, but if her chart time is correct then the Moon is in late Pisces. That left Chiron and Eris. Chiron is opposed her Sun and Uranus and Eris is opposed her Mercury and Jupiter. Still not sure which one(if any) it is.

In any case, this little body between Saturn and Uranus has surprised me enough times through various charts to seriously consider it a major astrological influence. Ceres has the same potential. What do you think?

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