Your Car Has A Birthday!

Every car or automobile that comes off of an assembly line has a plate inside the door(or on the door itself) on the driver's side stating it's date and place of make. Sometimes only the month and year are indicated while at other times the day is also included. If you're lucky enough to have the day, note this information and set up a chart. Unfortunately, there will be no time of birth so use noon(midway point) just to be safe.

Yes, your car has its own horoscope and character and destiny and it's interesting how it compares to your own. Is it basically compatible or antagonistic? Will it provide you with years of pleasurable driving(lots of trines and sextiles), or will it be overly problematic(too many square, semi-sextile, and quincunx aspects). Note the transits when you buy the car, when it gets into an accident, or needs major repairs.

The classic accident aspect is Mars transit square Uranus, either in your own chart or the car's. If it's also in the natal chart, then it's doubly so. Drinking and driving have to do with Mercury, Neptune, and the 3rd and 12th houses. Debts and death with Pluto, the quincunx, and the 8th house.

As far as compatibility is concerned, do so just as you would with a person. See the compatibility requirement basics in the synastry section of this site. As a basic example, my car completes a trine by sign(Sun-wise) with myself and my partner, so that we all complement on that level, and so far(after 8 years) it's been great.

Your car, like your house, has a life of its own, despite being made of metal or plastic, and astrology can help you determine this.

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