Master Degrees in Astrology

Do you have any of your planets or angles at 11 or 22 degrees? These are the master degrees in astrology which will power up those planets a few notches.

Forget the minutes for now as it's often difficult to determine the exact minute placement of a planet due to uncertain birth times. Just concentrate on the degree. If you are certain of the minute and it is 11 or 22 that could become a secondary consideration or boosting.

At this point you will ask "How do you determine the 11th or 22nd degrees?" A planet, say, at 10 degrees 35 minutes of any sign is ACTUALLY in the 11th degree of that sign, but we do not SEE it that way. We still consider it as being 10 degrees rather than 11. This is important because appearance is everything in astrology, so 10 degrees it is. Still, you can play with both considerations and come at your own conclusions, but I would stick with the APPARENT(not rounded off) degree as we would write it on a birth chart. Sabian degrees are are read differently.

Because there are only 30 degrees in a sign there can only be the 11 and 22 master degrees. 33 or higher cannot be. The other consideration is the 29th degree of any sign which adds up to 11(2+9), but this is slightly less powerful than the actual 11th or 22nd degrees.

The sign or house placements of the planets will of course have much to say about how this degree power will be utilized. Planets in their own sign, element, or even gender are well placed and will use this power in a good or harmonious manner, whereas planets not in their own sign, element, or gender are more likely to use this power negatively.

Here are some examples: Venus in Pisces at 11 degrees 40 minutes. Venus here is not only in a power degree but it is exalted to boot, giving it enormous power. If it was at 11 degrees 11 minutes it would generate even more power. Direct motion(stronger) versus retrograde(weaker) are other considerations.

Mercury in Pisces at 22 degrees 50 minutes has a power or master degree but it is in fall rulership-wise so this power would more likely be used in negatively. And so on.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and a majority of Scorpios are born in the 11h month of November, which are other power or master number considerations in astrology. Being born on the 11th or 22nd days of any month are also important. Years like 2011 or 2022 have collective power

Finally there is the number 7, which while not considered a master number, can hold its own as one, which is what I have noticed. So anyone born on the 7th or havimg planets at 7 degrees of any sign, or whose name or birthday reduces to 7, can be considered special or powerful in some way.

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