How the Zodiac Signs Think

Every sign of the zodiac has a particular way of thinking, as denoted by that sign's 3rd house.

The 3rd house is the natural house of Gemini, which is the sign of thinking, communicating, and ideas. It can also tell you about your sense of humour.

So if you have the Sun, Ascendant, or a personal planet in Aries -you think like a Gemini. A Taurus thinks like a Cancer, and so on. (Note: Your Mercury sign also has a lot to say about how you think).

Below are short descriptions on how each of the Zodiac Signs think.

Aries: Your third house is Gemini, so you think and reason like a Gemini; your mind is quick and versatile and funny, but also changeable, superficial, and impatient. You know a lot about many things but not in much depth. You are funny and amusing but your short attention span can make you come across as cold or uncaring.

Taurus: Your third house is Cancer, so that your thinking process is highly sensitive and emotional. You like to talk or think about home and family and food, and things that are familliar to you. You can be moody, snappy, or crabby, but also highly caring and protective. You have a great memory and a lunatic sense of humor.

Gemini: Your third house is Leo. Your words and thoughts have power and authority and people look up to you for your ideas and opinions. Your mind is very playful and creative and you like to entertain others. Communicating is your life and spirit and people love your brilliant sense of humor, but you can sometimes come across as childish or arrogant.

Cancer: Your 3rd house is Virgo. You have a very sharp and analytical mind, much like a computer. You note and remember everything and in surprising detail. Your thinking is very organized and methodical, especially when it comes to work or daily duties. While your remarks and criticisms can be hurtful, it is with the intention of correcting or improving things.

Leo: Your 3rd house is Libra so that you care or take note of what others think. You try to be fair or balanced having a keen sense of justice. You are attracted to all things/people beautiful and harmonious and have a flair for art, music, fashion, and design. You need a partner to share your thoughts and ideas and to receive much needed feedback, and can take a while to decide on something because you like to weigh all the pros and cons. You have a delightful sense of humor and what can only be described as a "beautiful" mind.

Virgo: Your 3rd house is Scorpio, giving you a deep and penetrating mind. Nothing escapes your notice and your descriptions are detailed and exact. You are good at researching and investigating, digging deep and leaving no stone unturned. Your very accurate observations and naked remarks, however, can make people cringe or feel uncomfortable. Your thoughts can be very sensual and lurid or very high and noble. You have a sharp and sarcastic sense of humor.

Libra: Your 3rd house is Sagittarius, giving you a moral and expansive mentality. Your thoughts are always on doing what's good or right and you take a wide view of things. Traveling and exploring new places and peoples is always interesting to you and you would make a great ambassador. Your manner of speech can be blunt or insensitive but you mean well and are easily forgiven. You are funny and optimistic and philosophical.

Scorpio: Your 3rd house is Capricorn, giving you a very practical and controlled way of thinking. You like to plan and organize and time your activities. You are a serious, no-nonsense type, who hates waste or frivolity, and means business. You like to deal with reality and the facts and can often appear cold or ruthless, but you are dutiful and fair and will give back as much as you get. You are ambitious and look at the long term of things.

Sagittarius: Your 3rd house is Aquarius. Your thoughts are unique and ahead of their time and can be misconstrued as crazy or far-out by others. You think freely and independently and hate restriction or limitation of any kind. You are unique and a rebel and your words, ideas, or beliefs can have a disruptive effect on others, but they will usually thank you in the end. You are very funny and unpredictable, often without being aware of it. You are not afraid to speak out or fight for a cause. Truth and honesty are at the top of your list.

Capricorn: Your 3rd house is Pisces. You are more sensitive and emotional than you appear. You are shy to speak or voice your opinions for fear of criticism, so you withdraw and keep to yourself. You learn best through pictures and visualizations and can easily express through any art medium. You feel or anticipate other's thoughts and motives but can easily be deceived or confused by them as well. You are a quiet private type who does his or her best work in seclusion.

Aquarius: Your 3rd house is Aries, making you mentally strong, fearless, and active. Your pioneering thoughts and words stir people up, inspiring them to take action. Most of your energy is spent thinking or communicating, making radio, speeches, or the internet ideal outlets for you. You are passionate about your ideas and will fight for them. You can be brutal or cutting, but you have the best of intentions. Your ideas become who you are.

Pisces: Your 3rd house is Taurus giving you a placid and fertile mentality, liking to take things slow and easy. You are very sensual and indulgent and fond of music and the arts. You like to think about wealth and possessions and can make a good banker or financier. Your reasoning is slow but practical, and you do not often change your mind, even though you may appear to do so. You like to express in song or poetry and your writings and communications can bring you money or wealth. You have a hearty sense of humor.

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