The Beauty of the Air Signs

The air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarus are the beauty signs of the zodiac, with Libra at the top. People with many planets in air signs are attractive, intelligent, and youthful -qualities that are especially valued in our modern materialistic society.

WHERE you have those air signs is very important, as certain planets harmonize better with certain signs. The best place to have an air sign is on the Ascendant which has the strongest effect on physical appearance, mental temperament, and sociability. The Ascendant is the influence of our own Earth planet or plane.

Gemini Risings or Ascendants are slender, youthful-looking, attractive, and mentally inclined. Libra Risings or Ascendants are the most attractive of all, both physically and personally. They are all about harmony, co-operation, and balance. Aquarius Risings or Ascendants are also attractive and intelligent as well as original and independent.

Mercury and Uranus, both air sign rulers, are the next best planets to have in air signs. Mercury in air gives you a clear mind and a genial disposition. Uranus in an air sign gives genius, independence, and a love of freedom and truth. Sun, Mars, or Jupiter are also good in air but less so than Ascendant, Mercury, or Uranus.

Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and perhaps Midheaven, all rulers of earth or water signs, can still be attractive in air, but in a warped kind of way. They do not really harmonize here, usually producing disharmony, chaos, and wrong thinking.

Air, which is the higher octave of earth, gives form it's beauty and intelligence. Without air, earth would be totally gross and stupid. Our bodies would be ugly and malfunctioning and the Earth and all its life forms would be as well. Air gives the flower its beauty and symmetry. It keeps it dry, beautiful, and responsive. The same for our bodies; we have two(Gemini) of everything(eyes. hands, legs, etc) so that we are balanced and beautiful, and are electrical(Aquarius), and social(Libra) beings.

Whereas the fire signs are focused on self, the air signs concern themselves with others. This altruism is part of what makes the air signs beautiful or attractive. They want to help and harmoniize and seek unity and co-operation. Their detached or objective attitude is what makes them intelligent, aware, and interesting. Gemini's curiosity and love of variety is what keeps us young and positive. Libra's fairness and sense of justice is what keeps us sane and balanced, and Aquarius' genius and unpredictability is what keeps us hoping and believing.

Fire signs see the air signs as equal partners and mates. Fire is usually the leader here, air being more receptive, but both consider each other equally valuable or important. Earth signs are subjective to and greatly value the air signs which occupy their 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses of resources, services, and careers respectively. Water signs deeply understand and therefore dominate the air signs, either controlling and manipulating them selfishly, or unselfishly helping them to achieve their objectives. Air to air simply magnify or naturally compliment their own qualities.

If it were not for Gemini there would be no variety, diversity, intelligence, communication, or change, If it were not for Libra there would be no peace, beauty, balance, fairness, or justice, If it were not for Aquarius there would be no freedom, truth, progress, or independence. We desperately need the air signs!

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