Accessing Your Super Planets

The modern invisible planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the super planets in astrology because they go beyond the common everyday aspects of reality signified by the other visible planets.

We are slowly learning to integrate the qualities of the super planets(perhaps "supra planets" would be a better term) both individually and collectively. All of the advances in humanity are due to these planets and perhaps others beyond. They are also known as the reset planets, because everytime we fail to integrate their energies, every hundred years or so, humanity is wiped out and starts over again until we get it right. We are currently on the brink of another reset(or set of resets).

Some of us have greater or easier access to the energies of the super planets depending on our astrological make-up. This access or linkage from the personal to the super or collective planets can be by sign, rulership, element, or even gender. The degree aspect will only intensify the link. Below is an example of someone's personal to super planet positions. The Ascendant and Midheaven, if known, should be included.

Personal planets
Super planets
Sun in Aries(fire)
Moon in Sagittarius(fire)
Mercury in Taurus(earth)
Venus in Aries(fire)
Mars in Aries(fire)
Jupiter in Aquarius(air)
Saturn in Leo(fire)
Ascendant in Leo(fire)
Midheaven in Taurus(earth)
Uranus in Gemini(air)
Neptune in Libra(air)
Pluto in Leo(fire)

In the above chart of someone born in April of 1947, six of the nine personal planets are in fire linking strongly to super planet Pluto so that this person is highly exceptional or exclusive in many ways. Ascendant and Saturn in particular blend totally with Pluto in the same sign making this a very powerful, disciplined, and reserved individual, but also very generous and creative as well(Leo).

Jupiter blends well with Uranus and Neptune(forming a grand air trine) giving abundant(Jupiter) powers of genius(Uranus) and vision(Neptune). This person would make an excellent teacher(Jupiter) of science(Uranus) and/or the occult(Neptune), and this is exactly what he did for a number of years (I attended one of his astrology courses).

Rulership is also important when linking. While he has no planets in Scorpio which would strengthen his link to Pluto, his Jupiter in Aquarius directly links to Uranus(ruler of Aquarius). Mercury and the Midheaven in Taurus don't link to the super planets so that there is nothing extraordinary associated with his career or thinking process(he left astrology to pursue a more practical and lucrative career in mining/railroad).

Most of us have links of some kind to the super planets, if not by sign or rulership then by element or gender, and we should take advantage of such links if we wish to rise above the commom crowd. Sextile links show opportunities that require some effort on the part of the individual to make happen. Trine links are more powerful and naturally flowing while conjunctions(same sign) are of course the most urgent or impactful. The other aspects have a distancing, buffering, or separating effect, which when forced will produce friction or conflict(which can sometimes be necessary in order to grow). Exactitude by degree can intensify the effect.

Linkage can, for example, be as simple as Moon(intuition) sextiling, trining, or conjuncting(primarily by sign) Uranus(genius). While Mercury to Uranus can give mental or intellectual genius, Moon to Uranus can give intuitive genius. Both give genius but in different ways, and both of these aspects are excellent for inventors or astrologers. Sun to Uranus can give leadership genius such as in the case of Donald Trump who has Sun conjunct Uranus. Venus to Uranus has unusual tastes and spending habits, and they can be quite liberal in their affections. Mars to Uranus is super independent and innovative but also highly volatile and impatient. Jupiter to Uranus is the teacher or philosopher extraordinaire and Saturn to Uranus is constantly tearing down and rebuilding, restricting and freeing, which can be very unsettling due to the very different nature of both planets.

Neptune is a different bird altogether. Any planet linking or blending with Neptune wll be softened or sensitized. Neptune can inspire or drive you mad depending on your maturity, evolution, or control. Masculine planets like Sun or Mars do not do well when linked to Neptune. They are weakened, diluted, or drained. Feminine planets like Venus or Saturn on the other hand blend quite well. Sun or Ascendant to Neptune can weaken the health or confidence and Mars to Neptune can drain the energies or become involved in deceptive activities. Mercury doesn't do well with Neptune either, becoming lost or confused, especially where detail, precision, or clarity is required. It is similar to Mercury in Pisces which is in fall. Venus to Neptune is beautiful and romantic and can produce great music or works of art. It is similar to Venus in Pisces which is exalted. Jupiter to Neptune is highly spiritual and artistic, but negatively it can delude or deceive. Saturn works well with Neptune grounding it and Neptune inspires Saturn to produce beautiful works of art, music, or architecture. MC with Neptune can be charismatic or scandalous.

It is important to point out here that in order to get the best possible influences from the super planets(or any other planet) the native's level of evolvement must be high. Immature or undeveloped souls will naturally attract more of the negative influences of the planets. Even the negative or stressful aspects can be overridden, nullified, or used positively by a mature or evolved soul. This is especially true of the super planets which are the least concious or controlled parts of our natures due to their long orbits and generational influences. One must live to be at least 84 years of age to get some kind of handle on Uranus and make it one's own, 165 years for Neptune, and about 248 years for Pluto. This is known in astrology as a planet's return(one full orbit or cycle). Most of us will not complete most of these cycles unless there is a dramatic lengthening of our life spans and so are at the mercy of the super planets, which is not a good thing, and which is why humanity is in such a mess. This especially true of Pluto the planet of extremes which can produce angels or demons.

And now we come to Pluto, discovered in 1930, the collective force behind all of the major transformational changes in our history and society, including the resets, revolutions, and World Wars. It rules Scorpio, but shares some of the qualities of Aries, being in the true orbit or circuit of Mars. Venus was also once further out before becoming an inner planet. Planetary orbits can easily be changed or modified to suit the agenda of our controllers. Feminine Pluto or Hades, god of the Underworld and the elite, links well to the other feminine planets such as Moon, Venus, Saturn, or Neptune. Sun to Pluto gives lots of power but it is often misused or abused. We can see this in lots of politicians and corporations, especially with the conjuction. Moon to Pluto is a highly magnetic and popular individual, often angelic in nature. I have seen this link often in the charts of performers who have an almost hypnotic effect(positive and transformative in nature) on their audience -even with the trine or sextile. Mercury to Pluto gives an incisive or probing mind, which often becomes obsessed or paranoid. Venus to Pluto is highly sexual and magnetic and attracts big money. They are very jealous and possessive. Mars to Pluto can be brutal or destructive and hyper sexual. Handled positively it can produce skilled surgeons and emergency workers. Jupiter to Pluto is exploitative and gets away with a lot. It can also instigate spiritual transformation/regeneration and is often touted as the millionaire/billionaire aspect. Saturn to Pluto handles power very well and is good for people in authority or law. Ascendant to Pluto gives an intense and private persona and Pluto to Midheaven gives public power and influence.

I guess one can do this with newly discovered Eris(2005) as well, but this body has yet to be officially incorporated or accepted into the astrological pantheon(if it ever will be). Both Pluto and Eris are highly inclined because they are relatively new or forming influences and not comfortable in their current circuits which should be occupied by Mars and Venus. Astrology is still incomplete and there may be other super planets out there, so that our full potential is still limited or unknown. For now we have Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. As our collective conciousness and longetivity increases, the planets, which are our cosmic or heavenly chakras, will be rearranged or reset to accomodate this.

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