Neptune in Aquarius:

the strangest placement of all.

The last two signs(Aquarius and Pisces) and their distant rulers(Uranus and Neptune) produce the strangest or weirdest influences in astrology. These are the "otherworldly" planets/signs whose themes are collective or universal.

While Uranus/Aquarius still retains its individuality within the collective, Neptune/Pisces does not. Neptune is not only "out there" like Uranus, but is completely spaced out. It is perhaps even stranger than Uranus.

The two meet in the placements of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. While Uranus in Pisces is definitely strange or otherworldly, Neptune in Aquarius is even more so. While Uranus in Pisces is super sensitive and intuitive exploring the mysteries or occult, Neptune is already there, and in Aquarius sensitively or even psychically ponders and explores broad scientific and humanitarian issues.

Those born between March 11, 2003 and March 11, 2011(with some exceptions due to retrograde) have BOTH Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius (a mutual reception) strengthening the bond between each other and making these people truly universal and far out. Here is a list of dates when Neptune last entered Aquarius...

Neptune in Aquarius
Age Group
last transit

Jan.30,1998 to Aug.23,1998
Nov.29,1998 to Apr.04,2011
Aug.5,2011 to Feb.03,2012

10 to 24 as of 2022

currently in their teens and early
twenties and are only now starting
to make their impact on society.

Neptune in Aquarius can be quite odd or strange in apppearance or manner. Many have large alien-like eyes and elastic features. They are deceptively unpredictable and need to feel free and independent at all times, always following their own guidance or intuition. They are fascinated by outer space and different worlds and make natural astronomers and astrologers. They're also into electrical therapy and visual technologies. They have little or no sense of time, space or boundaries and have visions about the future. They dream about utopia and universal brotherhood.

Negatively, they can be overidealistic and impractical and obsessed with unrealistic goals or projects. They can also be quite cold and distant and be deceived by friends and large groups or associations. Asphyxiation through poisonous air or gases is possible and weakness in the calves or ankles is common.

People with personal natal planets in Pisces or Aquarius(Asc, MC, and Sun through Saturn) are especially affected by natal or transiting Neptune in Aquarius. Pisces types become more engaged in social and humanitarian activities while Aquarius types become much more sensitive, creative, or artistic. Both broaden their understanding of people and life and the universe or cosmos.

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