Generational Good Times

Neptune and Pluto have been in rough sextile relationship(particularly by sign) for almost 100 years now(1930's to 2030's). This unique configuration has a great impact on the natal personal planets, especially Moon and Ascendant, for decades at a time. Whether those decades are generally favorable or not depends on the sign positions of your Moon and Ascendant.

Why your Moon and Ascendant? Because these are the fastest and therefore the most personal parts of your chart. I would emphasize your Moon sign in particular, because of its special relationship to Neptune and Pluto. All three are water sign rulers and concerned with family or personal(emotional) issues.

Most importantly, however, is my own personal observation over many years of how these two outermost planets(Neptune and Pluto) have affected my social and personal life. I have noted that the most positive and eventful periods of my life in terms of friends, social, and family life have been when transiting Neptune and Pluto are both in the same gender as my natal Moon and also when NOT in the same gender as my natal Ascendant.

So if I have the Moon in Leo(masculine) my best decades are when both Neptune and Pluto are in fire or air(also masculine). This will be doubly so if my Ascendant is feminine(earth or water). You do not want heavy or negative planets like Neptune and Pluto weighing on your Ascendant. Gender is the first rule in synastry. An immediate blending occurs when planets are in the same gender (masculine is fire or air and feminine is earth or water). The element or sign is more specific, and the closeness by degree indicates the intensity.

I look back fondly to the 1970's and early 1980's when both Neptune(in Sag) and Pluto(in Libra) were complementing my Moon and not sensitizing my Ascendant. It was a very sociable and eventful period, especially when Uranus (in Libra) joined in the mix, and one of the only problems I noted when looking back is a tendency to be sloppy or careless where diet and hygiene are concerned (enjoy now, pay later). The decades before and after were quite stark by comparison, followed by another favorable but quieter period in the 2000's when Neptune(in Aquarius) and Pluto(in Sag) again complemented my Moon and stayed away from my Ascendant.

Of course, there are bright and dark periods within every Neptune sextile Pluto generational period and it would be to complicated for me to delineate. There are also shorter times when Neptune and Pluto are in semi-sextile or square by sign, rather than sextile, giving mixed results. Here are the general time periods of the Neptune sextile Pluto sign periods over the last 100 years. An ephemeris or computer program is neede for the specific days.

1928 to 1939 - Nep in Vir / Plu in Can (sextile)
1938 to 1942 - Nep in Vir / Plu in Leo (semi-sextile)
1942 to 1956 - Nep in Lib / Plu in Leo (sextile)
1956 to 1957 - Nep in Sco / Plu in Leo (square)
1956 to 1970 - Nep in Sco / Plu in Vir (sextile)
1970 to 1972 Nep in Sag / Plu in Vir (square)
1972 to 1984 - Nep in Sag / Plu in Lib (sextile)
1984 to 1995 - Nep in Cap / Plu in Sco (sextile)
1995 to 1998 - Nep in Cap / Plu in Sag (semi-sextile)
1998 to 2008 - Nep in Aq / Plu in Sag (sextile)
2008 to 2012 - Nep in Aqu / Plu in Cap (semi Sextile)
2011 to 2024 - Nep in Pis / Plu in Cap (sextile)
2023 to 2026 -Nep in Pis / Plu in Aqu (semi-sextile)
2025 to 2039 - Nep in Ari / Plu in Aqu (sextile)

In summary, transiting Neptune and Pluto in the same gender as your natal Moon indicate favorable and memorable generational periods for you. Neptune calms or soothes the Moon while Pluto deepens and rarifies. The period is even better if transiting Neptune and Pluto are NOT in the same gender as your natal Ascendant. Transiting Neptune and Pluto NOT in the same gender as the Moon indicates a generally tense or negative period. The period is even more uncomfortable when your natal Ascendant is in the same gender as transiting Neptune and/or Pluto.

Note: Both Neptune and Pluto will be changing signs over the next few years(2023-2025) giving you a chance to test the above theory I have presented, or you can look back at your own history through the transits of these two planets in the various signs and make your own conclusions.

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