Signs of Freedom in Astrology

Which signs of the zodiac are linked to freedom in astrology?

Basically it is the masculne, positive, odd, or fire and air signs that represent freedom (and independence) in astrology. The masculine signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sag, and Aquarius, are life-giving and emitting, whereas the feminine signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces are life-taking or absorbing.

It has been observed that of the masculine signs, three in particular, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius, are the most freedom-loving. People, nations, or entities with these signs prominent in their charts all have a strong need for freedom and independence. The rulers of these signs, when well placed or sensitively configured, also show a strong need for freedom and independence.

Aries, ruled by Mars, is pure spirit and impulse, which seeks immediate (cardinal) expression at all costs. It is irrepressible, and therefore a strong champion of truth and liberty. These people MUST express their will and energy as purely as possible. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, another fire sign, is also irrepressible but more adaptable being of the mutable mode. Like Aries, it is driven by energy and impulse, but additionally, being the last fire sign, Sag is also driven by ethics or morals. Aquarius, a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus, is truth and freedom itself, and will not be coerced otherwise. Gemini. while basically freedom-loving, is changeable and compromising, as is Libra. Both Leo and Libra are highly concerned with what others think and may therefore compromise their needs or opinions.

Of the feminine or even signs, the earth signs appear to be the most resistant to freedom or change, as they are highly insecure and regimented. Capricorn(ruled by Saturn) in particular appears to be the most controlling and restrictive. Taurus the sign of money or wealth resists or dislikes change as does Virgo the sign of servitude which needs rules and regulations to function properly. The water signs can also dislike change or freedom, particularly Scorpio which is a fixed sign. All three, including Cancer and Pisces, are habitual or addictive in nature making it very hard for them to change or become free.

Here are some examples. Donald J. Trump has 8 out of 12 planets in masculine signs giving him a very strong need for freedom and independence. Sun(Gemini), Moon(Sagittarius), Ascendant(Leo), Mars(Leo), Jupiter(Libra), Uranus(Gemini), Neptune(Libra), and Pluto(Leo) are all positive while Mercury(Cancer), Venus(Cancer), Saturn(Cancer), and Midheaven(Taurus) are negative. Mars and Uranus are well placed but Jupiter is out of element. Moon is in freedom-loving Sag. Ascendant conjunct Mars and Sun trine Jupiter are highly freedom-loving, but perhaps strongest of all is Sun conjunct Uranus which makes Trump highly resolute and honest and freedom-loving. Sun/Uranus is what is driving Trump to free the people and his country.

Another example is the United States chart. There are 6 masculine factors and 6 negative ones (for either the Sag or Gemini rising charts) giving the country an equal or balanced need for freedom and independence versus servitude and dependence. Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in Cancer makes USA highly dependent and domestic. Neptune and Pluto in earth gives some practicality and business sense. Moon in Aquarius is strongly freedom-loving and independent. as is Mars/Uranus together in Gemini. Asc and MC in fire/air as well as Saturn in Libra also like freedom.

In summary, the more planets you have in fire or air, especially Aries, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, the more you will insist on freedom and independence. Mars, Jupiter, or Uranus conjunct the personal planets or factors is also important.

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