Your Ascendant Rules Your Appearance

You've often heard the phrase "He(she) looks nothing like his(her) Sun Sign" and this is perfectly justifiable, as the beloved Sun Sign normally accounts for roughly five to ten per cent of one's appearance, as do the other planets. The Ascendant or Rising Sign, on the other hand, can account for as much as 50% or more of the appearance, with the Moon Sign coming second.

Sun sign astrology, which was popularized in the 1960's and 70's, while valid, has been grossly overblown. Before that, and in ancient times, it was the Ascendant sign that identified or typified you and not the Sun Sign. Sun Sign astrology became popular because it was easy to calculate and the dates remained fairly constant from year to year. It also stroked the ego which is what the Sun Sign rules.

While the Sun Sign is definitely important as it identifies an individual's deepest inner core or spirit, it is not what the world sees when they meet and greet you. This is the province of the Ascendant which is in fact your worldly or Earth sign. Yes our Earth does have an astrological influence and it is not the opposite point of the Sun(which is an erroneous astronomical perspective). The Earth marks us at the eastern horizon at and from birth where the sky plane or ecliptic intersects the horizon. This is known in astrology as the Ascendant or Rising sign. The Ascendant IS the Earth! The opposite point is called the descendant.

Since we live on the Earth and not the Sun, it MUST be more important -and it is! The Ascendant sets up the so called birth chart which is a picture of the heavens at your birth with the Earth(a circled cross) as its center or foundation. All of the planets and heavenly bodies(including Sun and Moon) take a back seat to it and it describes your character, appearance, and lifestyle as no other factor can. Even the Midheaven sits housed in the background.

The Ascendant is not just your mask, it is you here and now. The Sun Sign, on the other hand, is what we are striving to achieve or become. Esoteric astrology says that your current Ascendant was your past life Sun, and that your current Sun will become your next life Ascendant. Many sites ignore the Ascendant because it is difficult to calculate or because the birthtime is unknown. This is a serious mistake as the chart is groundless without it. You cannot do serious or real astrology without the Ascendant. It's that important. Without it you are bodiless or intangible -an invisible soul or spirit!

Trying to determine a person's physical appearance or general character through the Sun Sign is folly. Here is a good example. Below is an image of a popular American politician who looks little or nothing like his Sun Sign, but EVERYTHING like his Ascendant!

Born Nov.23, 1950 11:00 AM EST,
Manhattan, New York, USA
Asc in Cap 27/06
MC in Sco 20/34
Sun in Sag 0/48
Moo in Tau 20/17
Mer in Sag 13/06
Ven in Sag 3/11
Mar in Cap 12/13
Jup in Aqu 29/07
Sat in Lib 0/15
Ura in Can 8/51r
Nep in Lib 18/30
Plu in Leo 19/52r

Yes, that's Chuck Schumer of the US Democratic Party. When I found out he was a Sun in Sag, with Mercury and Venus there to boot, I too said "He looks nothng like his Sun sign". Yet when I saw he had Capricorn rising, everything made sense. He most surely has that crusty, goat-like appearance typical of that sign. He also has Mars there accentuating it. Schumer may appear reserved or controlled on the surface(Cap), but privately he is as wild and unrestricted as they come(Sag). According to his other placements he is also fair, moody, secretive, ingenious, and proud.

So next time you meet someone face to face it will be his or her Ascendant you will see more than anything else, followed closely by the Moon or a cluster of planets in any one sign. As you get to know the person, the Sun sign will become more evident, as this is the long-term unchangeable side of you. You may even FEEL the emanations of the Sun Sign upon first meeting(especially if the Sun is in one of the more vibrant fire or air signs), but it will always be under the cloak of the Ascendant.

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