Neighbouring Sign Pairs in Astrology

Dividing the zodiac into neighbouring pairs can also yield certain information about the native or the signs in general. I have skipped the seasonal sign groupings(spring, summer, fall, and winter signs) in my series because they are pretty much self-explanatory. What almost no one gets into are the dual or binary segments of the zodiac wheel,in other words- neighbouring signs. There are twelve possible neighbouring sign combinations;


You would think neighbouring signs have much in common with each other, but they don't. They are in fact totally different or opposite one another -like night and day. Why is this so? Obviously, the stark difference allows for better determinination of what sign a planet is actually in. This is especially helpful when trying to determine the sign position of the fast-moving Ascendant or Moon sign or a planet on the cusp. It also firmly balances the zodiac wheel in terms of weight or property, and continuously jumpstarts it(like clicking a switch on and off), ensuring the integrity of its electro-magnetic or dynamic nature. An alternating electro-magnetic wheel patterned after the zodiac would make a great perpetual engine!

ARIES-TAURUS is the first natural pairing, representing raw spirit and raw matter, the two most basic elements in the universe. Spirit is masculine, odd, positive, or extroverted in nature whereas Taurus is feminine, even, negative, or introverted. People who have planets in these two signs are active, assertive, enterprising, determined, productive, and evaluative. They are basic and crude types but strong solid and reliable. They make good actors, singers, prospectors, and builders. Famous example: Diana Ross. People with no planets in these two signs are not very confident, assertive, practical, or grounded.

TAURUS-GEMINI types are both resourceful and intelligent which is a very prized combination in our modern society. They know a good thing when they see it and can cash in on it through media or advertising. They make good speakers, writers, bankers, and sales people. Famous example: Stephen Colbert. People without planets in these two signs lack financial know-how and are not very stable, versatile, or adaptable.

GEMINI-CANCER types are both intelligent and intuitive and can easily communicate their feelings and emotions. They can make great advertisers and care people or can write profusely on personal topics like home and family or food and housing. They are sensitive thinkers and make versatile parents. Famous example: Judy Garland. People without planets in these two signs may have problems learning, communicating, or adapting and may lack the desire to settle down and raise a family.

CANCER-LEO types are colorful, emotional people who seek fame, love, or recognition. They are very personal, imaginative, affectionate, and playful, but can also be moody, snappy, proud, and bossy. They are publically-oriented making great leaders, business people, politicians, actors, entertainers, doctors, and landlords. Famous example: Tom Cruise. People without planets in these two signs may lack personality, confidence, and warmth and may find it difficult to express their concern or love for others.

LEO-VIRGO types are a balanced combination of work and play, shyness and confidence, and humility and pride. They can be generous and romantic but very exacting as well. Flattery will only work if it is genuine and love and respect must be earned. They take great pride in offering the best service to others. These people can make fine actors, entertainers, managers, business people, vets, doctors, dieticians, trainers, and atheletes. Famous example: Madonna. Those without any planets in these two signs may lack warmth, creativity, or playfulness as well as specific work skills and analytical ability.

VIRGO-LIBRA types are perfectly balanced in the middle of the zodiac representing the connection between self and others. They have special people skills and are good at working out relationship issues, or they may suffer from the same issues(depending on the planets involved). They are usually clean and attractive and much in demand, socially or at work. Famous example: Victoria Silvstedt. They make good secretaries, models, artists, designers, embroiderers, decorators, beauticians, hygienists, and counsellors. Those without any planets here lack precision, discrimination, balance, and moderation.

LIBRA-SCORPIO types are into contracts, joint investments, and deep and passionate relationships. Beauty, sex, and long-term commitment are very important to them. They are great at assessing or evaluating people and making the proper choices. They either get along with someone or not at all. They can do well as lawyers, mediators, contractors, investors, detectives, researchers, occultists, sex workers, plastic surgeons, biologists, and archaeologists. Famous example: Aliester Crowley. Those who do not have planets here lack social or people skills and emotional depth or conviction.

SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS types are passionate, feisty, and adventurous types who look for deep meaning or purpose in their lives. They can either be incorrigible flirts or deeply spiritual people. Death and how to overcome it obsesses them. They are torn between good and bad, morality and immorality. They see the big picture but can also focus on minute detail. They would make good travelers, explorers, researchers, and adventurers, especially where risk and danger are involved. They are natural students of religion and the occult, and also have an interest in the martial arts. Famous example: Bruce Lee. People with no planets in these two signs lack inner drive, passion, or meaning in their lives.

SAGITTARIUS-CAPRICORN types have strong morals and beliefs which they seek to put into practice. It is the combination of organized religion. They are a curious mixture of indulgence and restraint, growth and limitation, optimism and pessimism, goodwill and mistrust. Reversals of fortune are common and spiritual goals require discipline and hard work. They would make good guides, counsellors, church people, travel agents, publishers, teachers, and ambassadors. Famous example: Martin Luther King Jr. Those with no planets in these two signs lack morals, discpline, or direction in life.

CAPRICORN-AQUARIUS types are both intelligent and practical, unique yet within bounds, progressive but not overly so, desiring of freedom but in a responsible way. Both signs, traditionally ruled by Saturn, are emotionally cool or cold liking to reason rather than emote. They plan and build but allow for surprises or reversals. They are both reliable and at times unpredictable. Both political and humnanitarian. Freedom is important, but also restraint and control. Famous example: Abraham Lincoln. Those with no planets in these two signs lack seriousness as well as originality. They do not plan ahead and lack control, discipline, and realism.

AQUARIUS-PISCES types are very far out or otherworldly. Ruled by the invisible generational planets, they operate in their own unfathomable and mysterious ways, often misunderstood by more practical or worldly types. They like to deal with the large picture or collective reality. They are into TV and film, music and the arts, astrology and the occult. They are the mystics and new-agers, the seers and visionaries, the misfits and psychos. They are the future and our return to oneness. Famous example: Michaelangelo. People with no planets in these two signs lack uniqueness, charm, and mystery, and have difficulty seeing or understanding that which is beyond the norm.

PISCES-ARIES types were perfectly represented in Victorian times with their penchants for both romance and sword fights. These are very passionate and amorous types with an aggressive or war-like streak. They like Piscean Age mysticism and spirituality but also Arian Age action, challenge, and war. They love music and art and fantasy which they use to fuel their drives and achieve their conquests. They make fine actors, artists, musicians, lovers, and occultists. Famous example: Giacomo Casanova. People with no planets in these two signs lack psychic sensitivity, mystery, drive, romantic passion, and rich imagination.

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