A New Respect For The Astrological Houses

Throughout my writings I have downplayed the significance of the astrological houses, calling them little more than sign aspects, but this is changing. After intently watching two young astrologers describing their birth charts and doing some intensive visual analysis, I have come to the sobering realization that house placements are more significant(to the outsider) than the sign placements.

Yes planet sign placements are important, but mostly to the inner individual. We all FEEL our sign placements intensely, but to an outsider, the HOUSE positions of those planets are what is seen first. In that sense, the Ascendant or Rising Sign truly is a filter for one's planetary expression.

In the video, one partner appeared decidely Virgoan while the other appeared very Scorpionic. I later realized the first had a heavy grouping of planets in her whole sign sixth house(house of Virgo) while the other had a heavy grouping in her whole sign eighth house(house of Scorpio), even though their Suns, Moons, or Ascendants, were of a totally different nature. That explains it, I said: The most occupied houses(and the signs they represent) are what people will first notice about you, and this will only be clear when using the whole sign house system. The other house systems will NOT reveal this correctly.

This is a major revelation for me. A chart with a missing or incorrect Ascendant is therefore pretty much useless in determining the life events of the individual in question, as the house placements will be unknown. These House placements are activated ONLY when the indivdual goes out there and interacts with the world. If you are a hermit, then yes, your planetary sign positions will be more significant, but when it comes to making your mark on the world, the houses the planets are what count.

Yes, the Ascendant is the key or all-important factor in your chart. Even the Sun takes a back seat to it. This is because the Ascendant or Rising sign is the Earth's influence, which by the way is NOT a planet as the astronomers would have you believe, but a plane or realm. It is through the Ascendant(the fastest and most personal factor in the chart) that we make contact with the world -and the world with us. Not knowing your Ascendant is like not knowing your nationality. It typecasts you in the most obvious of ways.

whole sign houses: a simple way to chart your planets

empty houses are filled in with the signs, Earth is at the center(circle with a cross)

Also, the Midheaven is NOT your 10th house! It may(and usually does) fall in yout tenth house, but it is a separate matter altogether. The emphasis on degrees and the unequal division of the houses has RUINED astrology! This happened when astrology fell into the hands of some misguided Arab astrologers back in the Middle Ages. They twisted the houses with science and mathematics, when the answer was really simple and observable: determine the Ascendant sign(regardless of degree), make that the whole first house, and all the other whole signs/houses will automatically and sequentially fall into place.

Instead we have warped houses, interceptions, out of sign aspects, cusp signs, and a whole bunch of other nonsense. Wake up, people! Astrology's beauty, strength, and greatness lies in its simplicity. If the Earth is not a planet , then there must be other planets out there to single out the remaining double rulership planets -Mercury and Venus. Perhaps Eris or Transpluto? It's still too early to tell. When they are determined, we can neatly put them into one or more of the Earthly houses.

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