The Numerics of Astrology
Astrology is based on the number twelve which is the lowest number that can be divided by at least 5 other whole numbers plus itself: 1,2,3,4,6, and 12.

Each of these divisions gives astrology its character and uniqueness(1 zodiac, 2 genders, 3 modes, 4 elements, 6 polarities, and 12 signs).

What about the remaining numbers of 5 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11? Do they have something to tell us about astrology as well? Below is a list of the possibilities...

There is 1 zodiac or astrology, a circular band called the ecliptic, which encompasses all the possibilities of all that is(all twelve zodiac signs), or what we call God.

There are 2 genders or sexes also known as masculine(fire and air signs) and feminine(earth and water signs), or positive and negative, odd and even, extroverted and introverted, electric and magnetic, spirit and matter, etc.). This duality is the working basis for all life and existence in this and other realms.

There are 3 modes or quadruplicities: cardinal or active(spirit-Ari/Can/Lib/Cap), fixed or stable(matter-Tau/Leo/Sco/Aqu), mutable or adaptable(mind-Gem/Vir/Sag/Pis). These three modes or modalities are the basic means or avenues of expression for all life. They establish a fundamental heirarchy for the different signs and their functions: the leading or ruling(cardinal) class, the executives(fixed), and the distributors(mutable).

There are 4 elements or triplicities: fire or spirit(Aries/Leo/Sag), earth or matter(Taurus/Virgo/Cap), air or mind(Gemini/Libra/Aqua), and water or soul(Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces). The four elements are four basic levels of being or expression each of which is equally important. Your spirit or life force(fire) immersed or incarnated into a physical body(earth) becomes your soul(water), and your body energized by spirit becomes your mind(air).

There are 5?????. Five is the 5th sign of Leo denoting love, power, and creativity. There is an aspect called the quintile(72degrees) which denotes creative genius. It is also the lower trine and the 5th house, and the pentad.

There are 6 pairs or polarities(opposites): identity or spirit(Aries/Libra), possession or matter(Taurus/Scorpio), ideas or mind(Gemini/ Sagittarius), roots or soul(Cancer/Capricorn), will or love(Leo/Aquarius), and service or duty(Virgo/Pisces). The first sign in the pair establishes the basis while the second sign elevates it from personal to collective. Example: Leo is personal love while Aquarius is group love.

There are 7 aspects or relationships: the conjunction or self, the semi-sextile or neighbour, the sextile or aquaintance, the square or parent or authority, the trine or lover or guide, the quincunx or healer or destroyer, and the opposition or mate. Note that where the conjunction and opposition are singular aspects, the the other five are dual in nature. The trine for example can have a Leo(5th sign) or Sag(9th sign) effect.

There are 8 ????????. This is a mysterious number connected to both death and regeneration and the planets Pluto and Saturn. Pluto or Scorpio is the 8th sign and Saturn is exalted in Scorpio. In the octagonal or lunar phase chart, the 4 cardinal angles remain, which are then bi-sected or halved at the 15 degree mark of each of the fixed signs producing 8 sections or phases. It may also be related to the 8 dimensions.

There are 9 ?????????. There are 9 basic numbers in our counting system(plus the cypher 0). The only other associations I can think of are the 9 solar months of gestation, the 9 Muses, and the 9 orders of angels.

There are 10 main planets or planetary circuits from Sun to Pluto? although this may change if other planets are discovered or adopted. It is the number of the 10th sign of Capricon which governs over all organized matter.

There are 11 ???????????. Eleven is very mysterious. It is the 11th sign of Aquarius signifying genius as well as chaos. It is also the 1st of the master numbers in numerology. Perhaps it is the final dimension before all dissolves or merges into one(Pisces).

There are 12 signs or energies: Aries -I am/do. Taurus -I have/own. Gemini -I think/reason. Cancer -I feel/remember. Leo -I will/love. Virgo - I analyze/serve. Libra -I weigh/relate, Scorpio -I want/desire, Sagittarius -I see/envision, Capricorn I use/control, Aquarius -I know/forsee, Pisces -I understand/sympathize. There are also 12 houses. Twelve is the perfect or complete number for our current universe or reality.

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