Your Draconic Chart and Map

Where have you been in your last life? Your draconic locality map can show you where.

First you must calculate your draconic natal chart which is derived from your tropical natal chart. Then you can draw up your draconic locality chart.

While your tropical natal chart is based on the Sun/Earth relationship, your draconic natal chart is based on the Moon/Earth relationship. One is solar and ego-based while the other is lunar and soul-based. The solar-based chart is more general and is the suit you are wearing in this lifetime, while the lunar-based or draconic chart is what you were in your last life before incarnating in this one. The draconic chart is your subconcious or underlying nature as opposed to the conscious tropical chart. Only the signs change from one to the other(and sometimes the Houses. The planets and aspects remain the same.

Comparing and synthesizing both the tropical and draconic charts is essential to fully knowing both yourself and others. What we often feel is lacking in the solar or tropical natal chart description will often be explained in the lunar or draconic natal chart. It's like looking at both the masculine (Sun) and feminine(Moon) sides of your nature rather than just one. Transits and relationships will be seen in a new light.

Your draconic chart is constructed by making your North Node point 0 degrees Aries. I use True North Node. Every heavenly body has two node points. This is where the planet's orbit crosses the ecliptic. The upward intersection is called the North Node and the downward intersection is the South Node. While all of the planets have nodes those of the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are the most important. Our tropical Western Astrology is based on the Sun's node, but the Moon's node and the zodiac it produces is just as important. In Vedic astrology the North Node is known as Rahu and the South Node is known as Ketu. Below are Trump's natal and draconic placements followed by a visual chart.

Trump's natal positions
Trump's draconic positions
Sun 22gem56
Moo 21sag12
Mer 08can52
Ven 25can44
Mar 26leo47
Jup 17lib27r
Sat 23can49
Ura 17gem54
Nep 05lib51r
Plu 10leo03
Asc 29leo58
MC 24tau21
N.Nod 20 gem48
Sun 02ari07
Moo 00lib24
Mer 18ari03
Ven 04tau56
Mar 05Gem58
Jup 26Can39r
Sat 03tau01
Ura 27pis05
Nep 15can02r
Plu 19tau14
Asc 09gem10
MC 03pis 33

Trump's draconic placements with his North Node as 0 Aries

Donald Trump's true North Node is at 20Gem48 which becomes 00Aries00 in his draconic chart. 20Can48 becomes 00Tau00 and so on. The planets of your regular chart are then filled into the proper sector acquiring their new signs. This is the rough way to do it. It will show you the new signs your planets are in but not the degrees. If you want to do it more quickly and precisely, you will have to get more mathematical, or better yet, let,, or your own astrology program calculate it for you. These programs will also be needed to create your new locality map. This map will show your PAST hot spots.

Once you have your draconic chart/positions you can then construct your draconic locality map which will require an astrolocality program. Here is Trump's draconic astrolocality map.

Trump's draconic locality map showing main lines. Yellow = Asc(conjunct)/Desc(opposition). Red = MC(conjunct)/ IC(opposition)

The Moon conjunct Ascendant line is probably the most important, showing where you may have lived in your past life. In Trump's case, this line goes over Greenland and the eastern tip of Brazil. Whether he truly lived here or not, only his Higher Self knows. Pluto conjuct the MC over Eastern USA and Cuba shows he may also have exercised great power here in the past. Jupiter conjunct the MC over Ireland shows he has strong and beneficial links there. The other lines reveal other obscure issues or situations in his past life.

Draconic astrolocality is a rather new subject hardly talked about in astrology, but it merits more reseach. I know it works in in my own case because a psychic once described my last life in London, and sure enough, my Moon conjunct Ascendant line runs just south of London, definitely within orb of influence. My draconic chart also makes sense in terms of aspects of my life and relationships not described by my tropical natal chart. Tropical and draconic placements are often mirrored in our closest relationships and we react to them subconciously. I now know why I'm drawn to certain people and places not explained in my tropical chart.

That is where draconic placements really work - in your subconcious, which is a huge part of you.

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