Mars in the Sixth House: Heal Thyself

The sixth house in astrology is concerned with work, diet, medicine, and daily duties. Any planets therein will highlight these issues in the life, but one planet there in particular is related to doctors, physicians, and medical practitioners in general, and that planet is Mars.

Mars ruler of both Aries and Scorpio is often found in the sixth house of notable physicians or health practitioners. Two in particular I wish to address are Dr. Daniel Amen an Dr Joseph Mercola. I don't have their time of birth, but their solar charts are stunningly revealing when it comes to their careers.

Both Amen and Mercola are born in July of 1954 and both are Sun in Cancer individuals with Mars in Sagittarius in their 6th houses. They are both are very active(Mars) and well-known health experts(Mars in 6th), and combine their practice with a high standard of ethics(Sagittarius). Dr Joseph Mercola is born July 8,1954 and Dr Daniel Amen is born July 19, 1954. Only their Moon and Venus positions differ. Both also have Pluto in Leo in the 2nd solar house which is also connected to doctoring and making lots of money from it.

Even in the absence of a birth time, the solar chart describes their situations quite accurately, which substantiates one of my premises that the solar houses can be just as valuable as the Ascendant houses(in truth, all planets have their own set of houses, which are actually aspects, by sign, to each other). I find that while the Ascendant houses and planets therein describe immediate or circumstantial events in the native's life, solar houses describe the truer and more long-term situations.

Another popular example is Dr Mehmet Oz(born June 11, 1960). Dr OZ has Neptune in Scorpio in his solar 6th house, but more importantly, his Pluto in Virgo makes a sixth house aspect to his powerful Mars in Aries. Both Mars and Pluto(and Aries and Scorpio) seem to be key planets/signs in the charts of surgeons or physicians. Oz also has his Moon(Capricorn) in his solar 8th house, which is the house of surgery.

Both Dr Mercola and Dr Amen fought their own difficult health conditions and overcame them which is typical of Mars in the 6th, and now they share their victories and knowledge with others. Both are also maligned by the mainstream media which generally opposes alternative medicine.

Dr.Joseph Mercola

Dr.Daniel Amen

Mars in the sixth means self-healer. Usually, this means going against the status quo and developing your own health regimens or remedies. If you have Mars in sixth house aspect to Your Sun, Ascendant or other key planet in your chart, you too will fight or struggle to overcome some major health issue in your life, and usually, you will overcome and succeed(Mars never gives up).

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