Astrology Should be Taught in Schools

Astrology should be taught in mainstream schools and the stigma of it being a "forbidden" art should be removed. It is not sorcery or witchcraft as some religions would have you believe, nor is it fatalistic or inducive of demonic posession. The many dogmas of religion can be just as damaging, if not more so, than the ill-conceived notions of the modern practice of astrology. It's a shame that neither science nor religion(in general) approve of astrology when it has so much to offer. Is this by design? Are they afraid that the accreditation of such knowledge will undermine well-upheld delusions and falsities?

What is astrology in the first place, and what does it have to offer?

Simply put, astrology is the science and art that links the heaven or cosmos with the daily activities on Earth. As above so below goes the maxim, or as in Heaven so on Earth. The Gods or Principalities, as reflected by the planetary bodies, are not there just for good looks; they are there to guide and inspire us or for "signs and seasons" as the bible puts it. They do not force you to do anything, but gently goad or lure you in a certain direction, according to their ever-moving positions in the sky in relation to your own fixed natal positions. Without them we would be without rhyme or reason. The bible refers to the planets as the "beggarly influences" which is exactly what they are. While powerful, they can never override your free will.

In short, astrology can be summed up as the Creator's universal code for the way this reality works. It is the underlying fabric, blueprint, or mechanism for all of Creation, and to deny it is to deny your very existence. The planetary pattern at birth, when you take that first breadth, also sets up or fixes your DNA pattern for the rest of your material life, and we read this pattern through the symbolism of the birth chart.

What Are The Practical Uses of Astrology?

1. Astrology helps you to KNOW YOURSELF and others.
We all come in recognizable patterns and these patterns are delineated in our birth chart according to our exact time and place of birth. There are 144 possible planetary positions if you include the Ascendant and Midheaven(12 planets x 12 signs). Each planetary position is a compacted nugget of information describing your twelvefold self. One nugget in particular, the Ascendant(also called the Rising Sign) sets up your chart's "houses" or areas of life giving you even more information. How all twelve nuggets relate to one another(aspects) creates the kaleidoscope of your life, describing your patterns and tendencies.

Astrology is very much like PSYCHOLOGY only much more precisely defined. The two would go hand in hand beautifully, and I'm sure there are many psychologists out there who combine the two, either openly or privately. Teachers would benefit enormously from astrology as they have ready access to each student's birth date, month, and year, and can observe and assess their students accordingly on a daily basis. Planetary placements are not just theoretical, they can actually be observed visually, having great impact on both the behaviour and appearance of the individual. With every passing year, the teacher skilled in astrology can see the generational differences in their students bestowed upon them by the outer planets.

2. Astrology is great for assessing COMPATIBILITY in all kinds of relationships and can be an invaluable guide to marital or business relationships. In astrology the study of relationships is called Synastry which compares the planets or elements between charts to assess the degree of harmony or discord between individuals, or even between individuals and inanimate objects(everything has a chart in astrology). It can even tell you on what LEVEL(mental, physical, spiritual, etc.) that harmony or discord will present itself or when(transits and progressions) it will be especially active. Often, there is no need to waste time and aggravation on "testing" or "trying out" certain combinations of people; if the birth times are accurate and the astrologer well-skilled, all of the potentials will already be obvious.

3. Astrology can help you pick out a suitable CAREER or job according to your planetary strengths and weaknesses. The Midheaven, 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses and their rulers are all important in this regard, and can help career, job, or financial counsellors tremendously. So many people are in the wrong jobs or careers and everyone's suffering for it. And, as it often happens, there may be no jobs or careers that correspond to your talents or interests in your area; the solution then is to either move or create your own employment, using astrology as a guide.

4. Astrology can help you choose a LOCATION that is favorable to your well-being, either personally or professionally. This is done through something called AstroLocality or AstroCartography which maps out your chart across the world showing where your planets are actually operating at their best or worst. It's one of the newer and less tested branches of Astrology but has great potential and is becoming very popular. A second branch of Astro Locality called Local Space Astrology is more recent and promising to be just as popular if not more so. Both can be used together easily thanks to advanced computer technology. Mundane astrology is also important and must not be forgotten. Every nation or city has a birth chart that interacts with yours, and this is what we relied upon before the advent of astrolocality. There is also the Geodetic or World Chart. All of these layers work together. Who says astrology is simple!

5. There is also MEDICAL or herbal astrology, FINANCIAL or stock market astrology, HORARY astrology, NUMEROLOGICAL astrology, PREDICTIVE astrology, REINCARNATIONAL astrology, and so on. The uses are endless, because astrology is an empirical system, and is all the more reason why it should become compulsory learning in the mainstream schools. Unfortunately, we are governed by people who like to keep this knowledge or information to themselves, hence its apparent obscurity. I believe that will change, however, as more and more people are educated and see astrology's true and proper status among the highest of disciplines.

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