Is Earth a Planet?

Contrary to what we have been taught, Earth may very well not be a ball rotating and orbiting through space. Rather, it may very well be a flat and immoveable plane -at least that's what the ancients believed. It wasn't untill about 1500 AD when the concept of a round ball Earth was firmly and widely introduced by the likes of Copernicus, Galileo, and later Newton. This may have all begun as as a plot by the elite aristocracy to further distance us from our divine source and place us under scientific or Luciferian control.

By 1900 AD masonic science and astronomy were in full swing and so was the brainwashing. Evolution, outer space, aliens, and technology were introduced which changed our perceptions and beliefs about the world we live in. Two World Wars, instigated by our ruling elite, fascilitated the introduction of these changes and in 1958 NASA was established as their cosmological representative.

Behind the scenes, the real exploration of truth continued, one of which was the flat and immoveable nature of our Earth plane. Admiral Byrd's voyages confirmed this but we were given another narrative. Beyond our known Earth may exist other plots or "puddles" with other civilizations or societies, some similar and others very different. Our leaders may very well know and even associate with such but are keeping it all hush and secret. Is the truth too terrible to be told? Or does this have to do with control and manipulation?

Not only is the knowledge of a flat Earth being hidden from us but they're also quite hush on what's deep underground(the many-layered "hell" regions) as well as what's high above us(the numerous and opposing "Heaven" planes).

If the elite are not willing to tell us the truth, then the bible and other scriptures will do so. When the ancient Hebrews journeyed to the Promise Land they may not have gone to the hollow Earth(a possible freemasonic deception) but to other continents, which at that time were largely virgin or pristine in nature. That is why they took forty years of wandering to get there under the supernatural guidance of Yawheh who claims to be the god of this world. Some of the lands and civilizations they came to along the way were inhabited by giants with different gods(brothers of Yawheh) many of whom were utterly destroyed. These promised lands were basically the lands we now know as northwestern Europe, and ultimately the Americas.

The Abrahamic promise did not stop there. Beyond the currently known continents, may be still other lands awaiting to be claimed by Yahweh's people, the leaders of whom are the modern anglosaxons. By 1950, the leading tribes of Ephraim(UK) and Manneseh(USA) owned one fourth of the known world's land and wealth, but it quickly started to flounder from then on. Apathy and corrupotion reduced the British Empire to a fraction of its size and power by the mid to late 1960's. The United States took over the world leadership role from Britain but by the 1980's and 90's, it too lost much power and influence.

Today(2017), the United States has been almost completely taken over by globalists or corporate elites who are using their power to subjugate the world into a One World Government, but the recent uprising of the masses is preventing this. Thanks to the internet, people are becoming aware of the control agendas and doing something about it. The recent Trump election victory was the turning point for America and the world, but the fight has only begun. Let's hope we can effect positive changes and liberate ourselves from the evil ones once and for all. If so, we will then reconnect with ALL of our brothers and sisters, both above, below, and beyond the currently known world.

The world and its present system is quickly approaching maximum degeneration, as in the days of Noah, and soon destruction may befall us, but at the same time, a new seed of peoples is being born which will bring regeneration. Natural law will begin to replace the artificial or inorganic constructs of our modern societies and the healing will begin. No more crowded and polluted cities and all of the wasteful habits and technologies that come with it. All of our diseases are the result of our unnatural lifestyles which are based on greed or selfishness. There is apparently a group of peoples on this plane that are very insecure and destructive and are making trouble for the rest and they are not necessarily aliens. Humans themselves can be very fearful or negative by either inborn nature(astrological) or conditioning(brainwashing). They are the weeds among the tares and so long as they are here there will always be problems. Of course none of us are perfect, but some are decidedly better(or worse) than others.

The "gods" themselves(who were the ancient giants or titans) have a had a major hand in shaping our lives and civilizations. 200 or so of God's angels left Heaven(book of Enoch) to do their own selfish will. They bred with humans producing giant hybrids and greatly swayed early humanity(with their advanced knowledge and technology) teaching us everything we know, from science and agriculture, to religion, education, etc. One of these fallen was Jehovah Yahweh himself, one of the seventy sons of the Most High(true God). Yahweh(sometimes known as Jove or Jupiter) as well as some of his other brothers, rebelled from their appointed share of this Earth and fought for its dominion. Yawhweh managed to come out ahead of most of his brothers and therefore controls most of the Earth plane today. Fortunately, Yahweh/Satan/Saturn has been superseded by Jesus/Christ/Uranus who purportedly has reclainmed humanity for Himself.

So humanity has been supposedly freed for over 2000 years now, but few have been willing to leave their quagmire, loving evil more than good. When enough humans(144,000?) have turned over to the true God(Eli the Father), via Christ his intercessor, then this planet/plane will truly be ours again. I believe this number is very close to being reached and they are not all in the Jehovah Witnesses cult(far from it). They are all vegan virgins who have(or are) overcoming their carnal addictions, which are primarily food and sex. Like the Essenes and Cathars they practice fasting and celibacy and abstinence to strengthen or perfect their spiritual natures and the succesful ones will be changed or "ascended" and given a throne or position to rule over humanity. Only this ELECTed Priesthood will be capable or worthy of governing over mankind -a far cry from the current bestial political leaders of our day. This Priesthood will suposedly reign with Christ for a thousand years on a new Earth and Heaven -or at least that's what Scripture says.

Our Earth plane may well have a dome or barrier above it(even Hillary Clinton hints about it) keeping the waters out. Unfortunately it has over "eighteen million cracks" which is why we get rain all the time. This dome or barrier is supposedly 62 miles or 100 kilometers up at its highest point. It has been there for thousands of years but has been damaged over millenia. The Great Flood of Noah came from a huge crack known as The Milky Way ridge which was later repaired somewhat allowing the waters to recede. Everytime it rains or thunders it is because of these cracks or openings or because of the strained movement of the dome. The dome covers our entire known world and there may be larger domes over it covering vaster rings of land containing even more continents. Snow, ice, and water make up the perimeters or divide the rings. The whole thing looks like a model of Atlantis, and Admiral Byrd may well have been one of the few men to cross into these unknown land rings. Here he saw strange creatures, peoples, fawna, and cities or dwellings reminiscent of the mythological descriptions of Atlantis and Lemuria.

So what of the hollow or concave Earth stories described in several books, most notably in Etidorpha(backwards for Aphrodite) and The Smoky God? These are obviously-Masonic half-truths intended to veil or conceal the truth, particularly as far as location is concerned. Yes, there is an opening at the North Pole, but it does not lead to a Hollow Earth. Rather it is supposedly the gateway or entrance to Paradise(some say Hell), which go several layers(or planes) deep into the Earth. My personal opinion is that the North polar opening leads to Hell which is why Santa(Satan) live at the north pole. On the other hand, Superman(a Nazi invention), also lives at the North pole(but perhaps not in the interior). In Dante's Divine Comedy the staircase or amphitheater-like entrance to Hell looks a lot like Martin Kenny's entrance to Heaven. Also, why are most of the people and problems of this world located in the northern hemisphere and why the elite are heading South to places like australia and New Zealand. Perhaps the souhtern hemisphere is more "Heavenly"?

What about the the unexplored continents beyond the antarctic ice wall, one of which admiral Byrd spoke of? Is this the new frontier of humanity? According to Martin Kenny of Flat Earth Universe, the outer lands are home to the Giants and high technology beings who once lived on our plane(see his flat earth model) but who have now moved further outwards. Is this where our science and technology actually comes from? Kenny explains that Paradise is at the very Center of flat Earth, that we are midway, and that the others are further outwards, all separated by unsurpassable mountains or ice walls. Four land rings in all, the outer ones descending in pyramydal fashion, and each ruled by two planets or luminaries. We are under the Sun and Moon, after us Venus and Mars, and further outward is the land ring of Jupiter and Saturn. I surmise there is one further of Uranus and Neptune. Mercury is the top center of Paradise, and Pluto is the bottom center of Hell. All these pairs appear as Suns or luminaries in their own land rings but as planets to the others. This is because torroidal fields surround each of the land rings. Our flat Earth and all of its land rings and torroidal fields and planets and stars are inside one giant egg-like shell, and outside of it are countless other flat Earth universes. Kenny's model may not be the last word on flat Earth, but it is currently the most interesting model I have seen. I do not, however, believe that paradise is in the North(it's where all those nasty and freezing polar vortexes come from), nor do I believe that Mercury is the central inner Sun there.

So here I am stuck on the second circular land ring from the center of the plane called Earth with 7 Heaven planes above and 7 Hell planes below. This Midgard or Libra purgatory sector of the Earth plane is basically where all the big decisions are made concerning souls. This is where we make a choice as to whether we go towards the higher divine or towards or towards the lower and more godless regions. Actually, each of us must experience all of the land rings and depths or heights in the other dimensions, but can stay put in one area as long as we please. It's truly all up to us. When we have experienced and mastered all of the planes and dimensions of this Earth or universe, then we can then move on to another Earth or universe.

In the grander scheme of things, we are here to master ourselves and the physical plane. Spirit by itself is just an energy or force without form or direction. It needs matter to test, shape, or define itself. Matter is the great teacher for spirit and the incarnation process is the ultimate test. Some say we are trapped here in an inferior or degraded replica of a more real or original creation. This may be true, but it it is even truer that we are ourselves responsible in large part for the situation here. Yawheh the Tester or any other of his brothers have become monsters because of our own weaknesses upon which they continually feed upon. This outer world is basically a reflection or manifestion of our inner condition. The more we succumb to our carnal lusts and passions, the more hellish our outer world or reality becomes. All wars and conflicts stem from our lower lusts, ignorance, and passion.

If the body is self-regenerating, then why do we grow old and weak and finally die? Up to a certain age, say 30, we cope fairly well with life's onslaughts, and usually recover, but after 30 things start to go downhill rather rapidly. Why so? Also, there was a time when we lived hundreds or even thousands of years, but something occurred to drastically cut short this longetivity. What was it?

It seems oxygenation is the answer or key. In times past, this plane was covered with giant oxygen-producing trees many miles high, which impregnated our air with all the life, moisture, and electricity to keep us going for a very long time. We ourselves were giant as were the creatures and plants around us, but at some point an intervention occurred; invaders from the outer or inner worlds cut down our trees, mined the land, and raped the populace. The removal of these giant trees severely cut our oxygen supply and unbalanced the ecosystem in general, resulting in lesser lifespans, smaller statures, and decreased mental and spiritual capacity. This precipitated Noah's Flood which not only killed off corrupted humanity but destroyed the evil and rapacious giants as well. The dome was apparently set up over our particular land ring as both a quarantine and protection device preventing both our escape and further invasions upon us.

Today we reduce our oxygen levels even more by living indoors in cold life-killing climates or in the smog and pollution of city life. We also clog our arteries with cooked and processed foods, take dangerous drugs and vaccines, and are systematically poisoned at every turn with x-rays, electromagnetic frequencies, chemtrails, and a slew of chemicals in our food, water, air, clothes, grooming products, appliances, and homes themselves. We are also deprived mentally and spiritually with false education and deceptive beliefs. Then we are made to slave day after day for the benefit of those who control and enslave us. It's a wonder we live as long as we do. We must be pretty resilliant. All of these things reduce us to animals stunting our potential and spirituality. The worst part is that we can become addicted to these states, especially the processed food. It's looking pretty dismal at this point, but there is always hope. There is a fighter in us that wants to live and better ourself but the process can be difficult indeed. Who wants to give up sweets and baked goods or go on a food and water fast? Not many, and those who do will have a major fight on their hands. Yes, we are basically fallen and addicted to this life and most of us just ride it out into our caskets or graves.

That is why we must be taught and educated and trained early in life to avoid the pitfalls. Early knowledge and prevention is the best cure. Unfortunately, most of our leaders are caught up in their own vices and have little or no interest in bettering the lives of others. We cannot trust our leaders and educators. We must seek divine help or guidance and then set the example ourselves. We need to live in warm climes and stay close to nature and eat only raw fruits and vegetables or whatever plants produce as food. Animal foods(meat and dairy) are strictly out of bounds and agriculture, which is largely unnatural should be kept to a minimum. Our trees and the fruits they produce and the air and shelter they give are our most valuable commodities and should never be cut down. Nor should we strip the land by mining or digging it. Science and technology become unnecessary when our bodies and brains reach their maximum potential. Your brain and gut are the ultimate computers and can do amazing things when they are clean, healthy, and fully functional. When we are fully regenerated through a pure diet and environment we will see fully through all the lies and falsities and reconnect with our natural god selves and be fully sovereign.

We will also see the truth about our world -that it is not a ball or planet spinning around the sun held in place by gravity. Gravity is a lie and illusion and so is the globe. Weight or density is what keeps everything down, and if our Earth was a spinning and orbiting planet or globe the oceans and waters would fall away, as would anything on a curve. Water always stays flat and the higher you go the more you will see this. The land or horizion itself does not curve even many miles above the surface. Curved glass or lenses(cameras, airplane windows) give us this curved illusion. No one has gone higher than 62 miles up where there is an inpenetrable barrier(dome?) nor has anyone gone below 8 miles or so underground where it becomes too hot to survive. Beyond the dome is water within which are stars or heavenly bodies. We are in the dry 1st heaven or atmosphere, whereas the stars and planets are in the second watery Heaven. Beyond this is the 3rd Heaven where God and the angels exist. The Sun and Moon are lights in the 1st Heaven. They are only about 32 miles in diameter and less than 62 miles up. They often mix with the clouds, and the Sun itself is powered by water and humidity.

Outer space as we know it is fake. It's an invention, and so are the vast sizes and distances of the stars and planets. Stars and planets are not worlds but lights or or the homes of souls or deities in the second heaven. Most of these lights or stars may in fact be the soul essence or home of every human being or life form. They are fixed or non-moving, but the planets are not, and are called "wanderers" as a result. These are the archons or archangels who have sinned and left their high places and are the reason their is so much disharmony or chaos in the world. By leaving their home signs or "thrones" and going through all of the other zodiac signs, they have opened up Pandora's box, or the knowledge of good and evil. We can see this in the birth charts of most people whose planets are mostly in the wrong signs inclining them torwards error and degeneracy. When the planets or archangels were fixed in their home signs, only good and perfection was birthed. Now it is a roulette wheel of good and evil.

The ancient Greek definition of a planet was "wanderer" differing it from the immoveable or fixed stars. If the Earth plane is also fixed or immoveable(as was always believed for thousands of years) then it cannot be a planet. Earth, rather, is a plane or flat landmass. Just how far this landmass extends is unknown. Some say it ends at with Antarctica while others say it's part of an infinite land mass containing many other Earths. Others say it's a looping realm or materialized ether, continually growing and changing as we do. One thing it is not is a globe or ball which we have all been fooled into believing.

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